ASM Contest Entry Form


Name ________________________________________               Member No. _______    Month _________

         (PLEASE, print neatly.  We gotta know who you are.)

 --------------------------------------------------------------- Fold Here -----------------------------------------------------------


LEVEL:          Master ______              Intermediate _______             Basic _______             Junior _______

(What level of judging do you feel you build at?)                                                                                                                    (Juniors – 17 yrs & younger)

 CATEGORY (Circle one):

 Aircraft            Armor &         Automotive     Science &       Ship         Figure          Diorama &                                    
                          Military                                   Fantasy                                               Vignette

 Regular Theme* Contest Only:______   Special/Sponsored Contest Only:______   BOTH Contests:_____

(Points)                                                    (Non-Points)

*Is Model Built within Theme?      Yes _______     No _______

 Description:  ______________________________________________________________________________

 Scale:  ________                                             Kit Manufacturer ______________________________________

 Comments:  _______________________________________________________________________________



 ---------------------------------------------------------------- Judging -------------------------------------------------------------

 Master and Intermediate Models (Judged against other entries in that category.  In Master Level, if no other

             entries in that category, the model must still “earn” its placing).

    Best of Show ____               First Place _____                    Second Place ____                  Third Place ____

 Junior and Basic Models (Judged on individual model’s merits only)

    Best of Show ____               Gold Ribbon _____                 Silver Ribbon ____                 Bronze Ribbon ____

 Judging consideration and evaluation priority:

 1st Priority      (Construction       Paint & Finish)          2nd Priority        (Details             Accuracy          Presentation)
                             Major               Major                                                  Major                Major                 Minor

ASM Rev 01/2009