UPDATED: Requesting Models for ASM’s 2023 US Air Force Ball Model Display


New Date – Saturday, November 4th

All – 

I am requesting loaner models for ASM’s model display at the 2023 Air Force Ball on Saturday, November 4th at the Mountain View Club on Kirtland AFB. (This is a change from September 23rd.) This will be our fifth club display at this event, which celebrates the birthday of the USAF. The USAF became a separate service on September 18, 1947 with the passage of the National Security Act of 1947.

Our display will include models for the usual theme of “USAF 1947 through Present,” and also models that fit the event’s theme of “The Evolution of Flight,” which is pretty broad.

For the usual theme we are looking for anything USAF from 1947 through the present including aircraft, helicopters, drones/UAVs, missiles, vehicles, figures, dioramas, test aircraft or missiles, future USAF projects, etc., in any scale. This includes the Air Force Reserves and the Air National Guard (ANG), especially NM ANG subjects or other NM units and bases, i.e., Kirtland AFB, Cannon AFB and Holloman AFB.

For the event theme we are looking for anything that portrays notable steps and advances in the “evolution of flight.” For example, these could include the Wright Flyer, early Curtiss and European aircraft and Channel crossers, early through late WW I, first’s in twenty’s and thirty’s aircraft, Lindberg’s Spirit of Saint Louis, Earhart’s Lockheed Electra, notable WW II aircraft (P-59. Meteor, Me 262, Me 163), Bell X-1, Douglas D-558-2 Skyrocket, the Concorde or Tu-144, and the Voyager around-the-world aircraft. We will also be including some space subjects, such as the Space Shuttle. These models can by any scale, any U.S. service or civilian organization, and any nationality. Please send me an E-mail with what you have and we will try to get an even spread of historical models.
Please contact me (info below) if you would like to contribute any models for the display, or if you have any questions on whether your model fits in or not.

If you are going to loan some models, please bring them by Hobby Proz the week of Oct 30th in a plastic tub with your name on it. Since the ASM meeting occurs on Oct 3rd, you could also bring them to the meeting that night.

Please include a list of your models, and also any info on the subject like name, type, unit, date depicted, etc. that I can use for an ID card in the display. I will take a picture of each tub before it is unpacked. I will drop by Hobby Proz each afternoon to pick up whatever has come in. Please E-mail me when you have dropped anything off. Models will be returned to Hobby Proz the following week. I will let each member know when his tub has been dropped off.

** If you have loaned models for the Folds of Honor display (on Sep 8th) that also fit the AF Ball themes and you would like to loan them for that, too, then I can hold on to those models until after the second display is complete.
Please let me know if you would like to help man the display tables. We normally have four club members. Dress is coat and tie. The timeline from set-up to break-down will probably be 4:30 to 9:30 PM.

You can find articles on previous ASM Air Force Ball displays at:

A few pictures from the 2017 – 2022 events are posted below.

Contact info:

Mike Blohm
Cell:  505-507-6137