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Contest Categories

and Awards

What's New on the Website?

D-Day Plus Seventy

Gold Beach
D-Day History



Gold, commonly known as Gold Beach, was the code name for one of the D-Day landing beaches that Allied forces used to invade German-occupied France on 6 June 1944, during World War II.

Gold lay in the area assigned to the 50th (Northumbrian) Infantry Division commanded by Major General Douglas Alexander Graham, and the 8th Armoured Brigade. These were part of XXX Corps, commanded by Lieutenant General Gerard Bucknall, which in turn was part of Lieutenant General Miles Dempsey's British 2nd Army. Gold had three main assault sectors – these were designated (from west to east): Item, Jig (split into sections Green and Red), and King (also in two sections named Green and Red). A fourth, named How, was not used as a landing area. 

The beach was to be assaulted by the 50th Division between Le Hamel and Ver sur Mer. Attached to them were elements of the 79th (Armoured) Division. The 231st Infantry Brigade would come ashore on Jig Sector at Le Hamel/Asnelles and the 69th Brigade at King Sector in front of Ver sur Mer. No. 47 (Royal Marine) Commando, attached to the 50th Division for the landing, was assigned to Item sector.

The primary D–Day objectives for the 50th Infantry Division were to establish a beachhead between Arromanches (crucial for the deployment of the artificial Mulberry harbour) and Ver-sur-Mer, then head south towards Route Nationale 13 (RN 13), reaching Bayeux and cutting the road to Caen.

The 231st and 69th Infantry Brigades were to be first ashore and establish a beachhead. The follow-up 56th and 151st Infantry Brigades would aim to push south-west towards RN 13 supported by the tanks of the 8th Armoured Brigade. To the west, 47 Commando's mission was to capture Port-en-Bessin and link-up with American forces landing on Omaha.  50th Division was also tasked with meeting the Canadian troops coming ashore on Juno.  Source:  Wikipedia.

For additional info click here:  Gold Beach-1     Gold Beach-2





Contest Categories

  • Categories marked with (*) may be split, dependent upon the turnout and at the discretion of the Head Judge.
  • Best "Out Of the Box" will be chosen from all eligible models in each Division marked with (#).
  • ASAE - All scales, all eras.
  • ASAT - All scales, all types.
  • "SWEEPS" - Up to 2 placings in one category, are allowed.



Propeller - Single

  1. [1000] 1/51 to 1/99, TBD based on turnout
  2. [1001] 1/51 to 1/99, TBD based on turnout
  3. [1010] 1/33 to 1/50, TBD based on turnout
  4. [1011] 1/33 to 1/50, TBD based on turnout

 Propeller - Multiple

  1. [1020] 1/51 to 1/99
  2. [1030] 1/33 to 1/50

 Jets - Single Engined

  1. [1100] 1/51 to 1/99
  2. [1105] 1/33 to 1/50

 Jet - Multi-Engined

  1. [1110] 1/51 to 1/99
  2. [1115] 1/33 to 1/50

 Large Scale - 1/32 and Larger

  1. [1200] Propeller
  2. [1205] Jet

 Other Aircraft Categories

  1. [1300] Civil, Sport Racing and Airships ASAE (including airliners of all eras)
  2. [1400] Rotary Wing, ASAE
  3. [1500] Small Scale - 1/100 and Smaller all types *
  4. [1600] Biplanes & Early Birds, ASAT *          
  5. [1700] Conversions and Scratchbuilt, ASAT
  6. [1800] Hangarside, ASAT *



Closed-Top tracked AFVs (including tanks, SP guns, assault guns, and APCs) 1/35 and larger

  1. [2000] 1945 and earlier
  2. [2005] 1946 and later


  1. [2100] "Open Top" tracked AFVs (including tanks, SP guns, assault guns, and APCs) and AFVs with open hatches/engine compartments with interiors, 1/35 and larger.
  2. [2200] Armored Cars and Half-tracks, 1/35 and larger, all eras
  3. [2300] Soft-skinned, 1/35 and larger, all eras
  4. [2400] Artillery, 1/35 and larger, all eras
  5. [2500] Military Vehicles, 1/48 all types *
  6. [2600] Military Vehicles, 1/51 and smaller, all types
  7. [2700] Conversions and Scratchbuilt, ASAT



  1. [3000] Factory Stock/Production, 1/31 to 1/20
  2. [3100] Street Rods and Street Machines, All Entries
  3. [3200] Drag & Straightliners, 1/31 to 1/20
  4. [3300] Competition, 1/31 to 1/20        
  5. [3400] Trucks and Commercial Vehicles, all types
  6. [3500] Motorcycles, all types except military
  7. [3600] Misc, including curbside, 1/32 and smaller and 1/19 and larger scales *



  1. [4000] Powered, Surface, 1/401 and smaller
  2. [4100] Powered, Surface, 1/400 and larger
  3. [4200] Submarines, ASAT
  4. [4300] Misc, including sailing vessels, speed boats, jet skies, etc., ASAE



  1. [5000] Real Spacecraft, Missiles and Vehicles *
  2. [5100] Science Fiction and Fantasy, All Non-Figure Entries
  3. [5200] Sci-Fi, Anime, and Fantasy Figures, all scales *



  1. [6000] Dismounted, 54mm and smaller (all eras)
  2. [6005] Dismounted, 71mm and larger (all eras)
  3. [6100] Mounted, ASAE
  4. [6200] Busts, ASAE
  5. [6300] Vignettes, Two or more figures



  1. [7000] Aircraft, ASAE
  2. [7100] Military Vehicles, ASAE
  3. [7200] Automotive, ASAE
  4. [7300] Miscellaneous, ASAE



  1. [8000] Dinosaurs
  2. [8100] Humor, Standalone, on a base, or diorama, ASAT
  3. [8200] Collections, Five or more closely-related Items, All entries
  4. [8300] All others


JUNIOR (16 and under)

  1. [9000] Military Models, ASAE *
  2. [9100] Civilian Models, ASAE *
  3. [9200] Sci-Fi and Fantasy, ASAE



  1. Best of Show
  2. People's Choice
  3. Best Aircraft
  4. Best Military Vehicle
  5. Best Ship
  6. Best Automotive
  7. Best Figure
  8. Best Space and Science Fiction
  9. Best Diorama
  10. 50th Anniversary of IPMS/USA - Best 1963 or Older Kit (Must provide documentation.  Does not have to be OOB, aftermarket products are allowed).
  11. Best of the Best, Aircraft (Best previous IPMS/USA Nationals 1st place award winner.)
  12. Best of the Best, Military Vehicle (Best previous Nats 1st place award winner.)
  13. Best of the Best, Automotive (Best previous Nats 1st place award winner.)
  14. Best of the Best, Miscellaneous (Best previous Nats 1st place award winner.)
  15. Best New Mexico Subject
  16. Best D-Day Subject, Aircraft
  17. Best D-Day Subject, Military Vehicle
  18. Best D-Day Subject, Figure
  19. Best D-Day Subject, Miscellaneous
  20. Lopez Demente Award (Best tasteless subject)



  1. Aircraft
  2. Military Vehicle
  3. Automotive
  4. Ship
  5. Space and Science Fiction
  6. Miscellaneous



  1. Chairmen's Choice - "Don Alberts Memorial Award" (Tom Perea & James Guld).
  2. Head Judge's Personal Favorite (Ken Liotta).
  3. Best Junior Model (Jack Garriss).
  4. Capt Danny Roberts Memorial - Best American Ace Aircraft Award (Mike & Matt Blohm and John Tate).

Capt Danny Roberts - New Mexico's Fighter Ace

by Mike Blohm

Capt Daniel T. "Danny" Roberts Jr. is a little-known but fairly high-ranking fighter ace born in Tucumcari, New Mexico.  At the time of his death in November 1943 Roberts was one of the top-scoring aces in the Pacific theater with 14 aerial victories.  He was barely behind Dick Bong and just ahead of Tommy McGuire in scoring.

Roberts was born on 20 Sep 1918 and graduated from New Mexico Highlands University with a degree in music and became a music teacher in Las Vegas, Nevada.  He joined the U.S. Army Aviation Cadet Program and was commissioned as a second lieutenant and rated a pilot on 16 Sep 1941.  He initially served at Mitchell Field in New York, but after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor he was sent to the Pacific.  Due to his quiet nature - he never drank, smoked or uttered a strong curse - he almost ended up being assigned as a base commander out in the desert.  However, he was able to influence a general that was passing through and instead joined the 80th Fighter Squadron (FS) "Headhunters" of the 8th Fighter Group (FG).  The unit was equipped with the P-400 (export P-39) Airacobra which was not much of a dogfighter but Roberts used it to gain his first two victories.  Roberts was involved in a surprise attack on Milne Bay early on the morning of 26 Aug 1942.  The 80 FS caught the Zeros of the 2nd Wing just as they had just begun their takeoffs and Roberts scored a "double" and 1 damaged.  He scored another "double" over two Vals on 11 Apr 1943, at that time flying the P-38G Lightning. 

Roberts joined the 475 FG "Satan's Angels" when it was formed in May 1943 as the first "all P-38 squadrons group".  He initially served in the 432 FS "Clover squadron" as the Operations Officer and scored 5 victories in Aug - Sep 1943 while flying the P-38H.  Roberts was unusual as a fighter pilot because of his meticulous habits and gentle speech and manner.  He easily won the trust and affection of his comrades and showed a knack for leadership.  Roberts was the commander of the 433 FS "Possum squadron" from Oct - Nov 1943 and knew how to get the best from his men by fully understanding them and leading them with the example of his hard work.  Roberts quickly impressed the pilots with his enthusiasm for their survival as well as maximum efficiency in accomplishing the mission.  "Stay together like a pack of wolves" he would repeat to his men.  During his short time as squadron leader the 433 FS was credited with fifty-five victories against the loss of only three P-38s.  Roberts himself downed five Zekes in one week, including two "doubles" on 17 Oct and 23 Oct 1943.   

8th Fighter Group 80th Fighter Squadron 475th Fighter Group 432nd Fighter Squadron 433rd Fighter Squadron

Roberts was killed in action on 9 November 1943 during an escort mission of B-25 Mitchell bombers hitting Japanese airfields at Alexishafen on the northern coast of New Guinea.  Roberts had scored one kill - a Hamp - and was engaging an Oscar at low altitude when Roberts's own wingman collided with him during a hard turn, destroying both P-38s.  He was posthumously promoted to major.  Roberts is buried in the Manila American Cemetery and Memorial on Luzon in the Philippine Islands.  Roberts credits were 14 destroyed, 1 probable, and 1 damaged.  Various sources credit Roberts with 15 victories but the official USAF Historical Study No. 85 and Air Force Aerial Victory Credits: WW I, WW II, Korea, and Vietnam documents both list him with 14.  His awards include a Distinguished Service Cross and three Distinguished Flying Crosses.

Had Roberts not been lost in this accident, he may have become one of the top-scoring aces and fighter leaders in the Pacific theater, such as Charles MacDonald, who commanded the 475 FG from Nov 1943 to Aug 1944.  Overall, Roberts is the top-ranking ace of the 433 FS (tie), the 9th-ranking P-38 ace (tie), the 38th-ranking American ace (tie), and the 33rd-ranking USAAF/USAF ace (tie). 

Roberts neither swore nor drank, but is still remembered affectionately today as "The Quiet Ace."   


Stars & Bars - A Tribute to the American Fighter Ace 1920-1973 by Frank Olynyk

Attack & Conquer - The 8th Fighter Group in World War II by John C. Stanaway & Lawrence J. Hickey, Schiffer Publishing Ltd, 1995

 Possum, Clover & Hades - The 475th Fighter Group in World War II by John Stanaway, Schiffer Publishing Ltd, 1993

USAF Historical Study No. 85 - USAF Credits for the Destruction of Enemy Aircraft, World War II, Albert F. Simpson Historical Research Center, Air University, 1978

Air Force Aerial Victory Credits: WW I, WW II, Korea, and Vietnam, Edited by Dr. Daniel L. Haulman and Col Willam C. Stancik, USAF Historical Research Center, 1988

Pictures of Roberts' P-38H aircraft are posted below, built by Mike Blohm from the Heller 1/72 scale P-38 kit.
Spinners and props are from the Hasegawa P-38J/L kit, with wheels from True Details.


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