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Trophy / Award Package


What's New on the Website?

D-Day Plus Seventy

For Information Click On:

Awards Plaque Pictures

Award Packages Available / Sold


Juno Beach
D-Day History


Juno, or Juno Beach, was one of five beaches of the Allied invasion of German-occupied France in the Normandy landings on 6 June 1944, during the Second World War. The beach spanned from Courseulles-sur-Mer, a village just east of the British beach Gold, to Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer, just west of the British beach Sword. The Juno landings were judged necessary to provide flanking support to the British drive on Caen from Sword, as well as to capture the German airfield at Carpiquet west of Caen. Taking Juno was the responsibility of the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division and commandos of the Royal Marines, all under the command of British I Corps, with support from Naval Force J, the Juno contingent of the invasion fleet, including the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN). The beach was defended by two battalions of the German 716th Infantry Division, with elements of the 21st Panzer Division held in reserve near Caen.

The invasion plan called for two brigades of the 3rd Canadian Division to land on two beach sectors—Mike and Nan—focusing on Courseulles, Bernières and Saint-Aubin. It was hoped that the preliminary naval and air bombardments would soften up the beach defences and destroy coastal strongpoints. Close support on the beaches was to be provided by amphibious tanks of the 2nd Canadian Armoured Brigade. Once the landing zones were secured, the plan called for the 9th Canadian Infantry Brigade to land reserve battalions and deploy inland, the Royal Marine commandos to establish contact with the British 3rd Infantry Division on Sword, and the 7th Canadian Infantry Brigade to link up with the British 50th (Northumbrian) Infantry Division on Gold. The 3rd Canadian Division's D-Day objectives were to capture Carpiquet Airfield and reach the Caen–Bayeux railway line by nightfall.

The landings initially encountered heavy resistance from the German 716th Division; the preliminary bombardment proved less effective than had been hoped, and rough weather forced the first wave to be delayed until 07:35. Several assault companies—notably those of the Royal Winnipeg Rifles and The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada—took heavy casualties in the opening minutes of the first wave. Strength of numbers, as well as coordinated fire support from artillery and armoured squadrons, cleared most of the coastal defences within two hours of landing. The reserves of the 7th and 8th Brigades began deploying at 08:30 (along with the Royal Marines), while the 9th Brigade began its deployment at 11:40.

The subsequent push inland towards Carpiquet and the Caen–Bayeux railway line achieved mixed results. The sheer numbers of men and vehicles on the beaches created lengthy delays between the landing of the 9th Brigade and the beginning of substantive attacks to the south. The 7th Brigade encountered heavy initial opposition before pushing south and making contact with the 50th Infantry Division at Creully. The 8th Brigade encountered heavy resistance from a battalion of the 716th at Tailleville, while the 9th Brigade deployed towards Carpiquet early in the evening. Resistance in Saint-Aubin prevented the Royal Marines from establishing contact with the British 3rd Division on Sword. When all operations on the Anglo-Canadian front were ordered to halt at 21:00, only one unit had reached its D-Day objective, but the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division had succeeded in pushing farther inland than any other landing force on D-Day. 
Source:  Wikipedia.

For additional info click here:  Juno Beach-1   Juno Beach-2






Award Plaques

Examples of the Chile Con 3 award plaques are posted below.

Click on the thumbnail to see the larger picture.


First Place
Second Place
Third Place


"Best of"
Best of the Best
Best in Show
People's Choice


    Trophy packages and Awards are being sold as follows:

     $35.00 for a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophy package.

     $40.00 for each "Best Of Category" award (16 total). 

     $75.00 each for the Grand Award Best of Show and People's Choice awards.

    $ 35.00 for each Out of the Box (OOB) award.


     Tony Humphries is the Chile Con 3 Trophy Coordinator.

     He can be contacted at 505-764-0046;  E-mail at:

    Click here for a trophy package purchase form (in work - posted ASAP) to mail in

     Checks for trophy/award packages can be mailed to: 

     Tony Humphries
     2504 Mesa Linda Dr NE
     Albuquerque, NM, 87112-1116

     Make checks payable to Albuquerque Scale Modelers


ASM thanks to the following companies and people
for their support and sponsorship at Chile Con 3 :


Award Packages Available / Sold Information

As Of:  16 June 2014

Trophy Packages Sold Thus Far (listed numerically by category number):

ASAE = All Scales, All Eras;  ASAT = All Scales, All Types;  * = Category may be split

*** Awards with no name or organization in the "Sponsored/Purchased By" column are still available  ***

 Award / Category Description Sponsored /Purchased By:
1000   Aircraft - Propeller - Single, 1/51 to 1/99   Mike & Matt Blohm (ASM)
1001   Aircraft - Propeller - Single, 1/51 to 1/99    Mike McFadden, Glendale AZ 
1010    Aircraft - Propeller - Single, 1/33 to 1/50   IPMS Salt Lake City (Dem Brudders)
1011   Aircraft - Propeller - Single, 1/33 to 1/50    Larry Glenn (ASM) 
1020   Aircraft - Propeller - Multiple, 1/51 to 1/99   The Browning Newsletter
1030   Aircraft - Propeller - Multiple, 1/33 to 1/50   The Browning Newsletter
1100  Aircraft - Jets - Single Engine, 1/51 to 1/99   Mike & Matt Blohm (ASM)
1105   Aircraft - Jets - Single Engine, 1/33 to 1/50   Fred Franceschi (ASM) 
1110   Aircraft - Jets - Multi-Engine,1/51 to 1/99   IPMS Rob Wolf Chapter (Denver) 
1115   Aircraft - Jets - Multi-Engine,1/33 to 1/50   Steve Brodeur (ASM) 
1200   Aircraft - Large Scale - 1/32 and Larger, Propellor    Larry Glenn (ASM)  
1205   Aircraft - Large Scale - 1/32 and Larger, PJet     Frank Randall (ASM) 
1300   Aircraft - Civil, Sport Racing and Airships ASAE (including
   airliners of all eras)
  Glenn Bingham (ASM) 
1400   Aircraft - Rotary Wing, ASAE    Glenn Bingham (ASM)  
1500   Aircraft -  Small Scale—1/100 and Smaller all types *   Zia Scale Modelers (Albuquerque NM) 
1600    Aircraft - Biplanes & Early Birds, ASAT *   IPMS Ernest A Love Chapter
  (Prescott AZ) 
1700   Aircraft - Conversions and Scratchbuilt, ASAT   Victor Maestas (ASM) 
1800    Aircraft - Hangarside, ASAT *   IPMS Craig Hewitt (Phoenix AZ)
2000   Military Vehicles - Closed-Top tracked AFVs (including
   tanks, SP guns, assault guns, and APCs) 1/35 and larger
   - 1945 and earlier
  James Guld (ASM) 
2005    Military Vehicles - Closed-Top tracked AFVs (including
   tanks, SP guns, assault guns, and APCs) 1/35 and larger
   - 1946 and later
  IPMS Salt Lake City (Dem Brudders) 
2100    Military Vehicles - "Open Top" tracked AFVs (including
   tanks, SP guns, assault guns, and APCs) and AFV's with
  open hatches/engine compartments with interiors, 1/35 and
  IPMS Craig Hewitt (Phoenix AZ) 
2200    Military Vehicles - Armored cars and half-tracks, 1/35 and
   larger, all eras
2300    Military Vehicles - Soft-skinned, 1/35 and larger, all eras  
2400    Military Vehicles - Artillery, 1/35 and larger, all eras    Fred Franceschi (ASM) 
2500    Military Vehicles, 1/48 all types *    R.Nettleship, Marlton NJ
2600    Military Vehicles, 1/51 and smaller, all types   
3000   Automotive -  Factory Stock/Production, 1/31 to 1/20   Albuquerque Model Car Club (AMCC)
3100   Automotive -  Street Rods and Street Machines, All Entries   Rich Hansell (AMCC) 
3200   Automotive - Drag & Straightliners, 1/31 to 1/20    Gil De La Plain (ASM) 
3300   Automotive -  Competition, 1/31 to 1/20    Victor Maestas (ASM)  
3400   Automotive -  Trucks and Commercial Vehicles, all types   Rich Hansell (AMCC)  
3500   Automotive -  Motorcycles, all types except military   Albuquerque Model Car Club (AMCC) 
3600   Automotive -  Misc, including curbside, 1/32 and smaller
  and 1/19 and larger scales
4000   Ships - Powered, Surface, 1/401 and smaller    IPMS Salt Lake City (Dem Brudders)
4100   Ships - Powered, Surface, 1/400 and larger    Dave Miller (ASM) 
4200   Ships - Submarines, ASAT  
4300   Ships -  Misc, including sailing vessels, speed boats, jet
  skis, etc., ASAE
5000   Space & Science Fiction - Real Spacecraft, Missiles and
  Vehicles *
  Gil De La Plain (ASM) 
5100    Space & Science Fiction - Science Fiction and Fantasy,
   All Non-Figure Entries
   TAG Team Hobbies
5200   Space & Science Fiction - Sci-Fi, Anime, and Fantasy
   Figures, all scales *
  To Infinity and Beyond Model
6000   Figures -  Dismounted, 54mm and smaller (all eras)    David Downs (Zia Scale Modelers) 
6005   Figures -  Dismounted, 71mm and larger (all eras)  
6100   Figures -  Mounted, ASAE  
6200   Figures -  Busts, ASAE  
6300   Figures - Vignettes, Two or more figures  
7000   Dioramas  - Aircraft, ASAE  
7100   Dioramas - Military Vehicles, ASAE  
7200   Dioramas -  Automotive, ASAE  
7300   Dioramas -  Miscellaneous, ASAE   Space In Miniature 
8000   Miscellaneous -  Dinosaurs  
8100   Miscellaneous -  Humor, Standalone, on a base, or
  diorama, ASAT
8200    Miscellaneous -  Collections, Five or more closely-related
  Items, All entries
8300    Miscellaneous -  All others  
9000   Juniors (16 and Under) - Military Models, ASAE *   IPMS High Plains Modelers,
  Loveland CO 
9100   Juniors (16 and Under) -  Civilian Models, ASAE *    IPMS High Plains Modelers,
  Loveland CO  
9200   Juniors (16 and Under) -  Sci-Fi and Fantasy, ASAE   IPMS High Plains Modelers,
  Loveland CO  
Special Award # 1   Best of Show    Iwata-Medea 
Special Award # 2   People's Choice    USS Sante Fe Committee
Special Award # 3   Best Aircraft    Iwata-Medea  
Special Award # 4   Best Military Vehicle    Iwata-Medea   
Special Award # 5   Best Ship    Iwata-Medea   
Special Award # 6   Best Automotive    Iwata-Medea   
Special Award # 7   Best Figure    Iwata-Medea   
Special Award # 8   Best Space and Science Fictio    Iwata-Medea   
Special Award # 9

   Best Diorama

  James Guld (ASM)
Special Award # 10   50th Anniversary of IPMS/USA - Best 1963 or Older Kit     IPMS/USA 
Special Award # 11   Best of the Best - Aircraft    Susan Glenn (ASM)  
Special Award # 12   Best of the Best - Military  
Special Award # 13   Best of the Best - Automotive   Ed Johnson (ASM)
Special Award # 14   Best of the Best - Miscellaneous  
Special Award # 15   Best New Mexico Subject   Centennial IPMS  
Special Award # 16

   Best D-Day Subject, Aircraft

  Susan Glenn (ASM)  
Special Award # 17   Best D-Day Subject, Military Vehicle   Rocky Mountain IPMS (Boulder CO)
Special Award # 18    Best D-Day Subject, Figure  
Special Award # 19    Best D-Day Subject, Miscellaneous  
Special Award # 20   Lopez Demente Award (Best tasteless subject)    Jack Garriss (ASM) 
Special Award # 21   Out of the Box - Aircraft    Ed Tharp, Ernest A.Love Chapter
  (Prescott AZ) 
Special Award # 22   Out of the Box - Military Vehicle    Tony Humphries (ASM) 
Special Award # 23   Out of the Box - Automotive     IPMS Salt Lake City (Dem Brudders) 
Special Award # 24   Out of the Box - Ship     Ed Johnson (ASM) 
Special Award # 25   Out of the Box - Space and Science Fiction  
Special Award # 26   Out of the Box - Miscellaneous  
Special Award # 27    Chairmen’s Choice – “Don Alberts Memorial Award”   Tom Perea and James Guld (ASM) 
Special Award # 28    Head Judge’s Personal Favorite   Ken Liotta (ASM) 
Special Award # 29   Best Junior Model    Jack Garriss (ASM)
Special Award # 30   Capt Danny Roberts Memorial - Best American Ace
   Aircraft Award  (New Mexico's Fighter Ace)
   Mike & Matt Blohm and John Tate

Click here to see Chile Con 3 Contest Categories

Contest Categories & Awards


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  6 June