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Pictures by Joe Walters, Mike Blohm, and Ken Liotta

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December 7, 2007 Meeting

Model of the Year” Showdown

--  Model Entries  --

ASM_Dec07_Jr_MOY_Entries.jpg (101663 bytes)    ASM_Dec07_Basic_MOY_Entries.jpg (142249 bytes)    ASM_Dec07_Inter_MOY_Entries.jpg (215043 bytes)    wpe58FD.jpg (44734 bytes)

ASM's 2007 Model of the Year Winners

Division Model of the Year
Juniors No Entries
Basic Don Blea  -   A6M5 Zero
Intermediate Adian Montano  -   U-552 Type VIIC U-Boat
Masters David Straub  -  NC-4 Flying Boat

ASM_Dec07_MoYB_Blea_Zero.jpg (253558 bytes)    wpe27.jpg (65448 bytes)      wpe33.jpg (59709 bytes)

--  People, Awards, and Additional Model Pics to be inserted here  --

Left to Right:


ASM's 2007 Modeler of the Year Winners

Division Modeler of the Year
Juniors Kelly Brown
Basic Gil Johnson
Intermediate Victor Maestas
Masters James Guld

--   People and Award Pics to be inserted here  --

Left to right:

Links to additional pics and info on these awards:  Modeler of the Year     Model of the Year


9_ASM_Junior_Entries.jpg (662245 bytes) No Entries


Basic Don Blea
Zero Fighter
Gil Johnson
Gil Johnson
BAR Gunner
Gil Johnson
Crash Cage Detail
Gil Johnson
Mk 5 Chieftain
11_ASM_Basic_Entries.jpg (667541 bytes) ASM_Dec07_MoYB_Blea_Zero.jpg (253558 bytes) ASM_Dec07_MoY_I_Johnson_PBR.jpg (51728 bytes) ASM_Dec07_MoY_B_Johnson_BAR-Gunner.jpg (35218 bytes) SM_Dec07_MoY_B_Johnson_Carsh-Cage.jpg (49667 bytes) ASM_Dec07_MoY_B_Johnson_Chieftain.jpg (51762 bytes)


Intermediate Victor Maestas
F-14A Tomcat
Victor Maestas
Porsche GT-1
Rick Carver
Adrian Montano
U-552 Type VIIc
Victor Maestas
15_ASM_Intermediate_Entries.jpg (669238 bytes) PC070017.jpg (278960 bytes) PC070021.jpg (281977 bytes) PC070020.jpg (257376 bytes) PC070019.jpg (279804 bytes) PC070018.jpg (247097 bytes)


Masters David Straub
NC-4 Flying Boat
Jim Guld
"Back to the Hedgerows"
Mike McNichols
Dragon II
32_ASM_Masters_Entries.jpg (668125 bytes) wpe33.jpg (59709 bytes) PC070025.jpg (235836 bytes) PC070023.jpg (288612 bytes)

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ASM100.jpg (82854 bytes)

November 2, 2007 Meeting


Theme (Points) Contest

albatross_d5-2 (2).jpg (11810 bytes) Firefly_Belgium_0047_66_1_Cut.jpg (47183 bytes) 10_2.jpg (14725 bytes) 3_8.jpg (31248 bytes)


Aircraft_Contest_Slide_Nov07.jpg (134231 bytes)

Any aircraft subject, including dioramas

Best of Show and People's Choice - Juniors Best of Show
People's Choice Basic Best of Show Intermediate and
People's Choice (Tie)
People's Choice Intermediate (Tie) Best of Show and People's Choice Masters
Aircraft_Contest_Slide_Nov07.jpg (134231 bytes) PB020014.jpg (236187 bytes) PB020012.jpg (257334 bytes) PB020019.jpg (247607 bytes) PB020018.jpg (200164 bytes) PB020030.jpg (258695 bytes)
No Entries Don Blea Don Blea Victor Maestas Frank Randall David Straub
No Entries Zero Fighter F4F Wildcatr F-14A Tomvat F4F-4 Wildcat NC-4 Flying Boat


9_ASM_Junior_Entries.jpg (662245 bytes) No Entries


Basic Don Blea
Zero Fighter
Don Blea
M4-6 Helicopter
Don Blea
F4F Wildcat
11_ASM_Basic_Entries.jpg (667541 bytes) PB020014.jpg (236187 bytes) PB020013.jpg (282757 bytes) PB020012.jpg (257334 bytes)


Intermediate Victor Maestas
F-14A Tomcat
Frank Randall
F4F-4 Wildcat
Victor Maestas
Kawanishi Niki Type II
Adrian Montano
HH-60 Blackhawk
Victor Maestas
Sopwith Camel

Don Smith
A6M2 Type 21

15_ASM_Intermediate_Entries.jpg (669238 bytes) PB020019.jpg (247607 bytes) PB020018.jpg (200164 bytes) PB020017.jpg (163565 bytes) PB020016.jpg (222688 bytes) PB020020.jpg (234256 bytes) PB020021.jpg (232598 bytes)


Masters David Straub
NC-4 Flying Boat
Jim Guld
RSO/04 Truck
Jim Guld
Panzer IV
Brian Peck
Ju-87G Stuka
32_ASM_Masters_Entries.jpg (668125 bytes) PB020029.jpg (287657 bytes) PB020023.jpg (236447 bytes) PB020024.jpg (240334 bytes) PB020027.jpg (202918 bytes)
Mike Blohm
F4F-3 Wildcat
Mike Blohm
F-86E Sabre
Mike Blohm
David Straub
NC-4 Flying Boat
PB020028.jpg (230804 bytes) PB020026.jpg (276228 bytes) PB020025.jpg (223963 bytes) PB020030.jpg (258695 bytes)
John Tate
John Tate
I-15 Chato
John Tate
On Ne Passe Pas
John Tate
On Ne Passe Pas
ASM_Nov07_Tate_1.JPG (2434199 bytes) ASM_Nov07_Tate_2.JPG (2005689 bytes) ASM_Nov07_Tate_4.JPG (1517082 bytes) ASM_Nov07_Tate_6.JPG (1419433 bytes)
F-86_Jabara.jpg (93001 bytes) MiG17_NVAF_3020_0004_55_3_b1.jpg (5382 bytes) A7E_0021_3_3_Cut.bmp (476214 bytes)  

Nighthawk_F117_0006_3_1.jpg (10366 bytes)



corsairfoldedwingss.jpg (34661 bytes)     F6F-3_fighters_landing_on_USS_Enterprise_%28CV-6%29.jpg (99414 bytes)     Douglas_skyraider_folded_arp.jpg (1712952 bytes)

"Best Folded Wing Aircraft"

sponsored contest hosted by Ken Liotta


Frank Randall   -    F4F-4 Wildcat fighter

PB020018.jpg (200164 bytes)

800px-Buccaneer_S_2_-_Elvington_-_BB.jpg (81337 bytes)    yak38_2.jpg (20166 bytes)     Hornets-Vikings.jpg (59109 bytes)    bfws2.jpg (8288 bytes)


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ASM100.jpg (82854 bytes)

October 5, 2007 Meeting

"Best Small Scale Model"

Special (Non-Points) Contest

9_ASM_Junior_Entries.jpg (662245 bytes) No model entries


Basic Gil Johnson
Panzer II Auf B
Gil Johnson
Panzer III Auf E
11_ASM_Basic_Entries.jpg (667541 bytes) ASM_Oct07_Johnson_Panzer-II-AusfB.jpg (749816 bytes) ASM_Oct07_Johnson_Panzer-III-AusfE.jpg (71545 bytes)


Intermediate Frank Randall
M4AE Sherman
Frank Randall
Victor Maestas
Roman Mounted Knight
Victor Maestas
Don Smith
Operation Iraqi Freedom

Frank Randall
FM-2 Wildcat

Victor Maestas
USS Enterprise
15_ASM_Intermediate_Entries.jpg (669238 bytes) ASM_Oct07_Randall_Sherman.jpg (199627 bytes) ASM_Oct07_Randall_R4D-5.jpg (249650 bytes) ASM_Oct07_Maestas_Mounted-Knight.jpg (108312 bytes) ASM_Oct07_Maestas_Concorde.jpg (155387 bytes) ASM_Oct07_Smith_Armor-Collection.jpg (200781 bytes) ASM_Oct07_Randall_Martlet.jpg (1909664 bytes) ASM_Oct07_Maestas_Enterprise.jpg (245380 bytes)
Frank Randall
Abrams MBT
Don Smith
Don Smith
Volkswagen Type 82
Don Smith
Cold War Encounter
Don Smith
USS George Washington
Rick Carver
UNK Saurus
ASM_Oct07_Randall_Abrams.jpg (142215 bytes) ASM_Oct07_Smith_Nashorn.jpg (163355 bytes) ASM_Oct07_Smith_Volkswagen-82.jpg (217310 bytes) ASM_Oct07_Smith_Cold-War-Encounter.jpg (250850 bytes) ASM_Oct07_Smith_George-Washington-Sub.jpg (179897 bytes) ASM_Oct07_Carver_UNK-Saurus.jpg (13698 bytes)



Masters Glenn Bingham
Averger & Wildcat
Ray Ayles
John Tate
Challemger 2
Mike Blohm
MiG-29 Fulcrum
Ken Liotta
FM-2 Wildcat
Mike Blohm
32_ASM_Masters_Entries.jpg (668125 bytes) ASM_Oct07_Binghma_Avenger-FM2.jpg (105121 bytes) ASM_Oct07_Ayles_Rhodan.jpg (122390 bytes) ASM_Oct07_Tate_Chalenger-2.jpg (114977 bytes) ASM_Oct07_Blohm_MiG-29.jpg (75644 bytes) ASM_Oct07_Liotta_FM-2.JPG (765556 bytes) ASM_Oct07_Blohm_F4F-3_2.jpg (36683 bytes)
Mike Blohm
Mike Blohm
Su-27 Flanker B
Mike Blohm
F-15E Strike Eagle
Patrick Dick
Hellcat & Phantom
ASM_Oct07_Blohm_XF-35B.jpg (60940 bytes) ASM_Oct07_Blohm_Su-27.jpg (71065 bytes) ASM_Oct07_Blohm_F-15E.jpg (65542 bytes) ASM_Oct07_Dick_Hellcat&Phantom.jpg (85489 bytes)


"Best Wildcat" Sponsored Contest

hosted by Don Smith

Galer_F4F_00082_3_7_Cropped.jpg (51974 bytes)    F4F_0082_3_3.jpg (5430 bytes)         F4F_Foss_0082_3_1_b1.jpg (25522 bytes)

Don's Award Plaque:

Best_Wildcat_Trophy.jpg (1321681 bytes)    ASM_Oct07_Wildcat-Winners.jpg (464070 bytes)

Best of Show :   Tie between

Mike Blohm's F4F-3 (1/72 scale)


Ken Liotta's FM-2  (1/144 scale)

Frank Randall Frank Randall Mike Blohm Mike Blohm Glenn Bingham Ken Liotta
ASM_Oct07_Randall_F4F-4.jpg (2184280 bytes) ASM_Oct07_Randall_Martlet.jpg (1909664 bytes) ASM_Oct07_Blohm_F4F-3_1-72.jpg (633882 bytes) ASM_Oct07_Blohm_F4F-3_1-144.jpg (440283 bytes) ASM_Oct07_Bingham_FM-2.jpg (1195219 bytes) ASM_Oct07_Liotta_FM-2.JPG (765556 bytes)
F4F-4  (1/72) Martlet  (1/144) F4F-3  (1/72) F4F-3 Conversion  (1/144) FM-2  (1/144) FM-2  (1/144)
F4F3_12.jpg (22217 bytes) Martlet_Mk-4_9_12-2.JPG (37507 bytes) FM-2_3_11_2.JPG (42591 bytes)

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ASM100.jpg (82854 bytes)

September 7, 2007 Meeting


Theme (Points) Contest

Figure_Contest_Slide_Sep07.jpg (118428 bytes)

Best of Show and People's Choice Winners

Best of Show
and People's
Choice - Juniors
Best of Show
and People's
Choice - Basic
Best of Show
and People's
Choice - Intermediate
Best of Show
and People's
Choice - Masters
No Entries wpe12.jpg (86694 bytes) wpe13.jpg (133305 bytes) wpe14.jpg (44769 bytes)
N/A Gil Johnson Rick Carver Jim Guld
N/A BAR Gunner Gladiator Back to the Hedgerows
9_ASM_Junior_Entries.jpg (662245 bytes) No model entries

11_ASM_Basic_Entries.jpg (667541 bytes)   wpe15.jpg (90375 bytes)    wpe17.jpg (80720 bytes)    wpe16.jpg (140429 bytes)   

15_ASM_Intermediate_Entries.jpg (669238 bytes)    wpe18.jpg (140667 bytes)    wpe19.jpg (117497 bytes)    wpe1B.jpg (102844 bytes)    wpe1C.jpg (121267 bytes)    wpe1D.jpg (122247 bytes)

32_ASM_Masters_Entries.jpg (668125 bytes)   wpe1E.jpg (45906 bytes)     wpe1F.jpg (162378 bytes)    wpe21.jpg (38926 bytes)    wpe26.jpg (378749 bytes)

wpe25.jpg (347969 bytes)     wpe23.jpg (82446 bytes)     wpe24.jpg (77549 bytes)     wpe27.jpg (51133 bytes)

23_D__Display_Only.jpg (656596 bytes)    P1090447.JPG (2092927 bytes)    P1090448.JPG (2313595 bytes)     P1090449.JPG (2460347 bytes)     P1090451.JPG (2303497 bytes)    P1090452.JPG (2443586 bytes)

P1090453.JPG (2446334 bytes)    P1090455.JPG (1892309 bytes)     P1090508.JPG (2162945 bytes)

21_W_Works In Progress.jpg (646932 bytes)    P1090446.JPG (2022583 bytes)     P1090505.JPG (1601385 bytes)     P1090517.JPG (2015352 bytes)     P1090509.JPG (2251453 bytes)

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ASM100.jpg (82854 bytes)

August 3, 2007

ASM Swap-Meet with No Contests

Click here to see August meeting pictures:  August Meeting Pics

Pics to be posted soon!

ASM100.jpg (82854 bytes)

July 13, 2007 Meeting


Theme (Points) Contest

thumb_convertible.jpg (3477 bytes)       Ferrari_F40.jpg (119189 bytes)     Mustang_hm_carpic_06_Cut.bmp (288054 bytes)

Automotive_Contest_Slide_July07.jpg (113953 bytes)

Best of Show and People's Choice Winners

Best of Show Juniors People's Choice    Juniors Best of Show Basic People's Choice Basic Best of Show Intermediate People's Choice Intermediate Best of Show Masters People's Choice Masters
P1090092.JPG (2373646 bytes) P1090085 (2).JPG (2077301 bytes) P1090081.JPG (2473329 bytes) P1090084 (2).JPG (1572979 bytes) P1090067.JPG (2493974 bytes) P1090068.JPG (2526930 bytes) No applicable entries P1090064.JPG (2451156 bytes)
Kelly Brown Shawn Brown Gil Johnson John Tribou Victor Maestas Victor Maestas N/A Jim Guld
# 28 Havoline Race Car 427 Chevy Engine Crash Cage Detail F4U-4B Corsair Porsche GT-1 Tyrell P-34 Race Car N/A WC-51 Truck

9_ASM_Junior_Entries.jpg (662245 bytes)    wpe3CF8.jpg (637978 bytes)    wpe3CF9.jpg (554758 bytes)    wpe12.jpg (649536 bytes)    wpe13.jpg (675363 bytes)

11_ASM_Basic_Entries.jpg (667541 bytes)   wpe3CFA.jpg (446731 bytes)    ASM_July07_B_PC_Tribou_F4U-4B.JPG (204021 bytes)    ASM_July07_B_Garriss_P-51D.JPG (264292 bytes)    wpe3CFB.jpg (359139 bytes)   

15_ASM_Intermediate_Entries.jpg (669238 bytes)    wpe13.jpg (581810 bytes)    wpe12.jpg (521702 bytes)    wpe3CFC.jpg (458599 bytes)    wpe4638.jpg (44982 bytes)

wpe3CFF.jpg (508853 bytes)    wpe3D00.jpg (467141 bytes)    ASM_July07_I_Smith_Nomad.JPG (137141 bytes)    ASM_July07_I_Smith_Volkswagen.JPG (230400 bytes)

32_ASM_Masters_Entries.jpg (668125 bytes)   ASM_July07_M_PC_Guld_WC-51.JPG (279320 bytes)    ASM_July07_M_PC_Guld_WC-51_2.JPG (285839 bytes)    wpe3CFD.jpg (377440 bytes)    wpe3CFE.jpg (363457 bytes)    wpe11.jpg (358884 bytes)

23_D__Display_Only.jpg (656596 bytes)    ASM_July07_DO_1.JPG (189897 bytes)     ASM_July07_DO_2.JPG (190076 bytes)

21_W_Works In Progress.jpg (646932 bytes)    ASM_July07_WiP_1.JPG (145878 bytes)     ASM_July07_WiP_2.JPG (229309 bytes)     ASM_July07_WiP_3.JPG (176262 bytes)     ASM_July07_WiP_4.JPG (182352 bytes)


“Best Mustang”

Sponsored Contest

3anm.gif (4167 bytes)    wpe3D35.jpg (93615 bytes)    3anm.gif (4167 bytes)

Hosted by Mark Soppet

Any “Stang” that flew or drove somewhere on the planet.

0004_3_28.jpg (37408 bytes)     hm_carpic_06_Cut.bmp (288054 bytes)    F-82_3_7.jpg (45185 bytes)

Best Entry  -  Mike Blohm  -  P-51D "Little Shrimp"

P1090059 (2).JPG (1453202 bytes)

Jeannie Garriss  -  P-51D Frank Randall  -  P-51B Frank Randall  -  P-51B Mike Blohm  -  P-51B
ASM_July07_B_Garriss_P-51D.JPG (264292 bytes) wpe3CFF.jpg (508853 bytes) wpe3D00.jpg (467141 bytes) wpe3CFE.jpg (363457 bytes)
Pierce McKennon's "Ridge Runner" 4th Fighter Group James Howard's "Ding Hao!"
354th Fighter Group
Tex Hill - 51st Fighter Group Kidd Hoffer's "Salem Representative"
4th Fighter Group
Mike Blohm   -  P-51B Mike Blohm  -  P-51B Mike Blohm  -  P-51D Mike Blohm  -  P-51D
wpe3CFD.jpg (377440 bytes) wpe45F0.jpg (417634 bytes) wpe45F1.jpg (368381 bytes) wpe45F2.jpg (353953 bytes)
Dick Turner's
"Short-Fuse Sallee"
354th Fighter Group
James Howard's "Ding Hao!"
354th Fighter Group
James Varnell's QP*E
52nd Fighter Group
Sam Brown's MX*A
31st Fighter Group
Mike Blohm   -  P-51D Mike Blohm  -  P-51D Mike Blohm  -  F-51D Mike Blohm  -  F-82G
wpe45F4.jpg (376280 bytes) wpe45F3.jpg (359802 bytes) ASM_July07_M_Blohm_F-51D_Korea.JPG (180834 bytes) ASM_July07_M_Blohm_F-82G_Korea.JPG (292229 bytes)
Robert Foy's "Little Shrimp"
357th Fighter Group
Bruce Carr's "Angel's Playmate"
354th Fighter Group
James Glassner - 112th Fighter Bomber Squadron,
Korean War
Skeeter Hudson & Carl Fraser - 68th Fighter (All Weather) Sq, Korean War

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ASM100.jpg (82854 bytes)

June 1, 2007 Meeting

"Best Modern U.S. Aircraft Carrier"

wpe30F1.jpg (95770 bytes)    Midway_mid7910io (2).jpg (145162 bytes)    Roosevelt_tr960626 (2).jpg (107381 bytes)    Independence_indy980211heel (2).jpg (208715 bytes)

Sponsored Contest hosted by Keith Liotta

---  Extended from the May 4th to the June 1st Meeting  ---

truman-halifax (2).jpg (115407 bytes)    Rngefrnt.jpg (27210 bytes)    Teddy-Roosevelt-stick (2).jpg (208104 bytes)

Best Entry

ASM_Jun07_BoS_Randall_Nimitz-2.jpg (1756826 bytes)    ASM_Jun07_BoS_Randall_Nimitz-1.jpg (900635 bytes)

Frank Randall    -   USS Nimitz

ASM_Jun07_Carrier_In_Water.JPG (886127 bytes)

23_D__Display_Only.jpg (656596 bytes)    ASM_Jun07_Models-1.JPG (2221916 bytes)     ASM_Jun07_Models_P-40-2.JPG (2466203 bytes)    ASM_Jun07_Models_P-40-1.JPG (882270 bytes)    ASM_Jun07_Models_RaceCar-1.JPG (2475880 bytes)

ASM_Jun07_Models_RaceCar-2.JPG (887308 bytes)    ASM_Jun07_Models_Display_Only_NX-2-1.JPG (1846058 bytes)     ASM_Jun07_Models_Display_Only_NX-2-2.JPG (2015035 bytes)

21_W_Works In Progress.jpg (646932 bytes)    WIP_Table.JPG (1975859 bytes)    ASM_Jun07_WIP-0.JPG (1922762 bytes)     ASM_Jun07_WIP-1.JPG (2117664 bytes)     ASM_Jun07_WIP-3.JPG (1788811 bytes)

ASM_Jun07_WIP-4.JPG (1967517 bytes)     ASM_Jun07_WIP-2.JPG (2090114 bytes)     ASM_Jun07_WIP-5.JPG (1443972 bytes)     ASM_Jun07_WIP-6.JPG (2082468 bytes)     ASM_Jun07_Models_Display_Only_Panthe.JPG (2507472 bytes)

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ASM100.jpg (82854 bytes)

May 4, 2007 Meeting

    RM0398_Constitution.jpg (2321 bytes)     "Ships"     MH1401.jpg (2699 bytes)

Theme Contest (Points)

 yamato.jpg (68775 bytes)    cv19_hancock.jpg (5770 bytes)    monitor3.jpg (15065 bytes)

Best of Show and People's Choice Winners

Ships_Contest_Slide_May07.jpg (103708 bytes)      ASM_May07_B_BoS-PC_Johnson_PBR.jpg (1428320 bytes)     ASM_May07_I_BoS-PC_Montano_U-Boat.jpg (1465850 bytes)   ASM_May07_BoS-PC_M_Miller_U-826_U-Boat (2).jpg (647268 bytes)    ASM_May07_M_PC_Guld_251-16_Half-Track.jpg (2376720 bytes)

wpe3AEF.jpg (1688 bytes)    wpe3AED.jpg (1892 bytes)     wpe3AEC.jpg (1867 bytes)    wpe3AEE.jpg (1871 bytes)

9_ASM_Junior_Entries.jpg (662245 bytes) No model entries

   11_ASM_Basic_Entries.jpg (667541 bytes)   ASM_May07_B_Johnson_PBR.jpg (1367298 bytes)    ASM_May07_B_Garriss_Constellation.jpg (1837419 bytes)     ASM_May07_B_Garriss_Iowa.jpg (1580266 bytes)

15_ASM_Intermediate_Entries.jpg (669238 bytes)     ASM_May07_I_Montano_U-Boat.jpg (1667875 bytes)     ASM_May07_I_Smith_Cold-War-Encounter.jpg (2148111 bytes)      ASM_May07_I_Randall_Nimitz.jpg (2040077 bytes)    ASM_May07_I_Smith_Patrick-Henry.jpg (1558048 bytes)

ASM_May07_I_Montano_Indy_RaceCar-1.jpg (1936982 bytes)     ASM_May07_I_Montano_Indy_RaceCar-2.jpg (1801232 bytes)     ASM_May07_I_Carver_Pink-Panther.jpg (1954928 bytes)

32_ASM_Masters_Entries.jpg (668125 bytes)    ASM_May07_M_Miller_U-826_U-Boat.jpg (616667 bytes)    ASM_May07_M_Guld_251-16_Half-Track.jpg (2348409 bytes)   ASM_May07_M_Blohm_LCVP.jpg (2559513 bytes)    ASM_May07_M_Guld_Hundgesicht.jpg (2163175 bytes)

ASM_May07_M_Blohm_Sherman.jpg (2831796 bytes)    ASM_May07_M_Blohm_Hellcat.jpg (2813609 bytes)    ASM_May07_M_Guld_First-Of-Many.jpg (2142172 bytes)


Click here to see May Meeting pictures:  May Meeting Pics

    pt109s2.jpg (25414 bytes)     SS-306_Tang.bmp (103518 bytes)     wpeCC2.jpg (33891 bytes)

ASM100.jpg (82854 bytes)

April 6, 2007 Meeting

"Best Sherman"

Sponsored Contest

Hosted by Jim Guld

TM56005.jpg (1852 bytes)  TM35139.jpg (2498 bytes)    HR9883.jpg (2694 bytes)   TM35122.jpg (2235 bytes)

Firefly_Sherman_icmarkdrawing1.jpg (25015 bytes)         tank.jpg (66592 bytes)        Sherman_Profile.bmp (89998 bytes)

Any Sherman, any scale, and under any markings.

Award for Best Entry is a gift certificate to Formations.

m4_11th_armored_Mirror.jpg (52793 bytes)     William_Tecumseh_Sherman.jpg (8000 bytes)     m4_jumbo_01.jpg (20313 bytes)

Best Sherman Contest Winners

Sherman_Contest_Slide_Apr07.jpg (122444 bytes)     wpe3598.jpg (326317 bytes)     wpe3599.jpg (474213 bytes)    ASM_Apr07_Smith_3rd_M4A1.jpg (1868521 bytes)

ASM_Apr07_Sherman_Contest.jpg (1665944 bytes)    ASM_Apr07_Sherman_Contest_1.jpg (1389098 bytes)    ASM_Apr07_Sherman_Contest_2.jpg (2075647 bytes)

Best Sherman Contest Model Entries

ASM_Apr07_Liotta_M4A3.jpg (1294778 bytes)    ASM_Apr07_Miller_M4A3-Dozer.JPG (2108277 bytes)    ASM_Apr07_Smith_M4A1.jpg (1425710 bytes)    ASM_Apr07_Miller_M4A3-76.jpg (2029554 bytes)

ASM_Apr07_Blohm_M4A1.jpg (1876922 bytes)   ASM_Apr07_Randall_M4A3.jpg (1605416 bytes)    P1070452.JPG (2001071 bytes)     P1070453.JPG (2076990 bytes)

Click here to see April meeting pictures:   April Meeting Pics

ASM100.jpg (82854 bytes)

March 2, 2007 Meeting


Theme Contest (Points)

Stuart_HE31103.jpg (2139 bytes)    Type97_Tank__TM35075.jpg (2056 bytes)    TM35059.jpg (2333 bytes) Crusader_HE31126.jpg (2106 bytes)    APC_MH1360.jpg (2452 bytes)     Patton_MH1358.jpg (2192 bytes)   

Best of Show and People's Choice Winners

Armor_Contest_Slide_Mar07_V2.jpg (149232 bytes)    ASM_Mar07_B_BoS-PC_Johnson_Chieftain.jpg (1406019 bytes)     ASM_Mar07_I_BoS_Garber_KV-1.jpg (1604269 bytes)    ASM_Mar07_I_PC_Randall_Greyhound.jpg (1205956 bytes)    ASM_Mar07_M_BoS_Miller_Sturmgeschutz-IIIG.jpg (1648297 bytes)    ASM_Mar07_M_PC_Guld_Ssssh_Dio.jpg (2178910 bytes)

9_ASM_Junior_Entries.jpg (662245 bytes) No model entries

   11_ASM_Basic_Entries.jpg (667541 bytes)   ASM_Mar07_B_BoS-PC_Johnson_Chieftain.jpg (1406019 bytes)     ASM_Mar07_B_Garriss_Tiger.jpg (1030653 bytes)

15_ASM_Intermediate_Entries.jpg (669238 bytes)    ASM_Mar07_I_BoS_Garber_KV-1.jpg (1604269 bytes)    ASM_Mar07_I_PC_Randall_Greyhound.jpg (1205956 bytes)    ASM_Mar07_I_Smith_OIF_Collection.jpg (1874084 bytes)     ASM_Mar07_I_Smith_Amphib_Collection.jpg (1931132 bytes)    ASM_Mar07_I_Smith_Sherman.jpg (1891173 bytes)

32_ASM_Masters_Entries.jpg (668125 bytes)   ASM_Mar07_M_BoS_Miller_Sturmgeschutz-IIIG.jpg (1648297 bytes)    ASM_Mar07_M_PC_Guld_Ssssh_Dio.jpg (2178910 bytes)     P1070247.JPG (2479934 bytes)     P1070249.JPG (2541292 bytes)     ASM_Mar07_M_BoS_Miller_Flak38.jpg (1879321 bytes)

ASM_Mar07_M_Guld_Sherman.jpg (1696866 bytes)    ASM_Mar07_M_Blohm_DUKW.jpg (1572562 bytes)    ASM_Mar07_M_Peck_T-55.jpg (2183645 bytes)    ASM_Mar07_M_McNichol_Type85-II.jpg (2217546 bytes)     ASM_Mar07_M_McNichol_Pzbl-III-G.jpg (2178604 bytes)    ASM_Mar07_M_McNichol_Gepard.jpg (1257628 bytes)

23_D__Display_Only.jpg (656596 bytes)    P3020014.JPG (1426769 bytes)    P1070216.JPG (2483345 bytes)    P1070217.JPG (2412741 bytes)    P1070219.JPG (2443409 bytes)    P1070220.JPG (2272769 bytes)

P1070218.JPG (2051988 bytes)    P1070264.JPG (2234748 bytes)    P1070265.JPG (2460769 bytes)    P1070266.JPG (2484859 bytes)    P1070267.JPG (2333630 bytes)    P1070270.JPG (1861368 bytes)

21_W_Works In Progress.jpg (646932 bytes)    P1070256.JPG (2006187 bytes)     P3020015.JPG (1316421 bytes)     P1070222.JPG (2291366 bytes)     P1070223.JPG (1873492 bytes)     P1070262.JPG (2270299 bytes)

SdKfz_251-1_HE31144.jpg (1559 bytes)    8-Ton_Halftrack_20mmAAA-Gun_HE31114.jpg (2179 bytes)    Churchill_HE31127.jpg (2102 bytes)     Copy (2) of Lee_HE31104.jpg (2519 bytes)     DR9012.jpg (1363 bytes)    Panther-F_HE31140.jpg (2184 bytes)     Sturmtiger_PDMV004.jpg (2531 bytes)    TM35093.jpg (2360 bytes)

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ASM100.jpg (82854 bytes)

February 2, 2007

ASM Swap-Meet with No Contests

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ASM100.jpg (82854 bytes)

January 5, 2007

"Sci-Fi, Real Space, Science & Fantasy"

Special Contest (Non-Points)

gemini-title.jpg (26086 bytes)      soyuz progress launch.jpg (14940 bytes)      db_iss10jpg3.jpg (16131 bytes)    

Any subject or scale in the realms of Science Fiction - Star Wars, Star Trek, Aliens-Predator, etc.; Real Space exploration - Apollo, Space Shuttle, Mir, etc.; Science - dinosaurs, human body, insects, etc.; and Fantasy - Gundams, Robotech, etc.

gal3_10b.jpg (45720 bytes)        x-wing.jpg (10914 bytes)         xxxg-01h2_Heavyarms_Kai.jpg (47976 bytes)

wpe446.jpg (2167 bytes)

Best of Show Winners

wpe6.jpg (84257 bytes)    ASM_Jan07_J_Bos_KBrown_Planet-Apes.jpg (841349 bytes)    ASM_Jan07_B_Bos_Garriss_Naboo-Ftr.jpg (918737 bytes)    ASM_Jan07_I_BoS_Maestas_X-15.jpg (1060872 bytes)     ASM_Jan07_M_BoS_McNichols_Dragon-2.jpg (715368 bytes)

9_ASM_Junior_Entries.jpg (662245 bytes)   ASM_Jan07_J_Bos_KBrown_Planet-Apes.jpg (841349 bytes)    ASM_Jan07_J_SBrown_Bat-Ski-Boat.jpg (621751 bytes)

11_ASM_Basic_Entries.jpg (667541 bytes)   ASM_Jan07_B_Bos_Garriss_Naboo-Ftr.jpg (918737 bytes)

15_ASM_Intermediate_Entries.jpg (669238 bytes)    ASM_Jan07_I_Maestas_X-15.jpg (610026 bytes)    ASM_Jan07_I_Randall_NX-01_Shuttle-Pod.jpg (911135 bytes)    ASM_Jan07_I_Frickstad_Wolfman.jpg (679387 bytes)     ASM_Jan07_I_Walters_Romulan_Bird-of-Prey.jpg (754722 bytes)

100_4947.JPG (496808 bytes)    ASM_Jan07_I_Garriss_Gundam-Sgt.jpg (769371 bytes)

32_ASM_Masters_Entries.jpg (668125 bytes)   ASM_Jan07_M_McNichols_Dragon-2.jpg (466620 bytes)     ASM_Jan07_M_McNichols_Wizard.jpg (533185 bytes)     ASM_Jan07_M_Blohm_Soyuz.jpg (698873 bytes)    ASM_Jan07_M_Blohm_Soyuz-2.jpg (263634 bytes)

ASM_Jan07_M_Blohm_Guramu-Zan_Space-Cruiser.jpg (806410 bytes)    ASM_Jan07_M_McNichols_Orc.jpg (489735 bytes)

23_D__Display_Only.jpg (656596 bytes)    100_4963.JPG (583968 bytes)    100_4939.JPG (524883 bytes)     100_4964.JPG (627552 bytes)

100_4965.JPG (735816 bytes)    100_4966.JPG (563712 bytes)    100_4967.JPG (573883 bytes)

21_W_Works In Progress.jpg (646932 bytes)     100_4940.JPG (723033 bytes)

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