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Navigating the ASM Website

 A Guide to “What is Where" on the ASM Website

The ASM Website currently has 18 different major pages (sections).  Hot links to these pages are located at the top of each page to let you navigate wherever you’d like to go on our site.  Links to sub-pages are available off the major pages.  There are currently 169 total pages of information containing both current and archived information.  Pages for Model and Meeting pictures, Contest Results, Modeler and Model of the Year Winners, etc. all go back bwteen 11 and 13 years.  Previous year's information is available by selecting links off the current year's page.

This website is optimized to be displayed at a resolution setting of 1152 x 864.  Links at the top of the major pages and the current year pages will take you to same-year pages.  Links on past-year pages will still work to the major pages, but year-pages will go to then-years. For example, if you are on the 2012 Model Pics page and select "Meeting Pics" you will go to the 2012 Meeting Pics page.  In all cases , selected ASM Home will bring you back to the Home web page. 

 Home is the ASM Home Page / introductory page when you first sign on to the ASM Website.  Top-level information and links to upcoming meetings, contests, and articles is highlighted here.   Additionally, contact info for the E-Board members and “welcome/introduction” material is located here.

 Articles  is the page you’ll probably spend the most time visiting.  There are 12 sub-sections:

- Next Club Contest provides info on the upcoming month’s contest

- Next Sponsored Contest provides info on the upcoming month’s sponsored contest(s)

- Upcoming Events provides info on modeling-related events that are not included on the ASM Contest Schedule.

- Notes and News Items contains information of a timely nature, such as an upcoming workshop, field trip, mall shows, change in a meeting date, etc. 

- Current Articles contains articles written by ASM members.  These include the “standard set” from the E-Board each month, kit reviews, book reviews, field trip and mall show reports, reports on model shows and national contests; basically - whatever you would like to submit!  All articles are welcome.   

- IPMS/USA Links provides an easy way to link to other IPMS websites.  Current links include the IPMS/USA website’s homepage, the IPMS/USA Region 10 website, the IPMS/USA website’s Modeling Links Page, and to all Region 10 Chapters that have their own websites..

- Local Contest Information lists information and links to model contests in the local area and will be updated as contest information becomes available. Contest dates and points of contact will be listed, as well as links to contest trifolds/circulars, etc.   

- IPMS/USA Nationals - 2019 Links provides a link to get info on the IPMS/USA National Convention taking place on August 7-10, 2019 in Chatanooga, Tennessee.  Additional links are provided to past year's National Convention websites to view category winners and model pictures. 

- Archived / Past Articles is a link to take you to the Archived Articles page, which contains articles that have been moved from the Current section, and which will be retained on the website a little longer.  Normally these include articles on past club activities so that readers will be able to see what the club has done in the recent past.

- Website Updates is a link that will take you to the page that notifies members of updates to the ASM website.  Items added will be annotated and a link provided.

- ASM Review Articles is a link that takes you to a page where all review articles by ASM members have been posted/archived.  There are links at the top of the page to different categories of reviews: aircraft, armor, ships, etc.

- New Mexico State Fair Model Contests is a link that takes you to a home page for all the previous ASM-sponsored NM State Fair Model Contests.  Information is available here on the model entry categories and there are links to previous year's contest results including pictures of all the models back to 2005.

Archived Articles   This page is where past articles get archived.  

Website Updates provides a quick reference summary of information that has been recently added to the website and will contain links to the new additions.  This section was previously included on the Articles page itself, but has been moved to its own separate page.  About one year's worth of updates will be maintained.  Links to articles older than about three months will probably no longer work, as they have likely been moved to the Archived Articles page (see below). 

Historical Tidbits provides information on historical events of interest to modelers, and is normally updated each month.  Access to this page is from the Home Page. 

Model Pictures is probably the second most visited page on the website.  This page contains model pictures from all the ASM contests presented in a month by month format.  Sponsored contest pictures will also be included in the monthly additions.  From here there will be links to previous year's model pictures.   

Meeting Pictures contains the “people pics” from each month’s meetings, presented in a month by month format.  Articles that cover "Major Events" of that year, such as model displays, Make 'N Takes, and the NM State Fair are psoted at the bottom of that year's web page, with an index and links located at the top of the web page.  Previous years meeting pictures/events are available from hot link buttons off the current year's web page. 

Contest Results  contains the results from each month’s contest.  Each month’s results will be added to that previously there, so that members can see what has occurred during the whole year.  Previous year's resulted are kept on separate pages and can be accessed from hot link buttons both off the current year's and other year's pages  These yearly contest results pages will include links to results of that year's New Mexico State Fair contest and other contests sponsored by ASM - for example the Chile Con Region 10 Convention and Model Contests.

Modeler-of-the-Year Point Standings  contains a running tabulation of ASM member point standings, and is updated after each contest.  A quick-reference “Points Guide” (how points get awarded) is provided at the top of the page.   Previous year's Model of the Year winners and final point standings are posted chronologically below the current year's point standings, and can be jumped to via hot link buttons. 

Model of the Year Contenders contains a month by month listing of the models that are eligible for the Model of the Year Competition at the December club meeting.  Eligible models include the Best of Show Winners in each of the four divisions (Junior, Basic, Intermediate and Masters) from the Theme Contests and the Best Overall Winners from the Special (Non-Points) Contests.  Previous year's Model of the Year winners and all contenders for that year are available from hot link buttons off the current year's page.

Model Displays takes you to a page where you can select hot link buttons to see pictures and information on past and present ASM models and displays.  Previous displays included a WW II model display at the National Atomic Museum  and a World War II in the Pacific Theater display at the New Mexico Veterans Memorial and Museum.  ASM has models concurrently on display in the Nuclear Weapons Heritage Model Display at the Defense Nuclear Weapons School Museum, and the Cavalcade of Wings display at the Albuquerque Sunport international airport.  ASM builds models for the Cavalcade of Wings displays, and helps repair and clean the displays.  ASM's display was discontinued at the National Atomic Museum due to space limitations when the Museum moved to its new site.  ASM does still have other models as part of Museum displays.

Contest Guidelines  is a “must read” in order to understand how ASM is organized and operates.  This page provides information on how the club’s four divisions are organized, and the basics on ASM contests.  This includes info on the Modeler of the Year and Model of the Year competitions, how points are awarded, how the yearly contest schedule is put together, etc. 

Contest Schedule  contains the year’s contest schedule in a month by month format.   It includes the meeting dates, contest subjects/topics and model eligibility criteria, and special meeting subjects such as workshops or guest speakers.  Contest information is updated as necessary, and annotated with red asterisks to show where information has changed.  This page also contains details on the year’s Sponsored Contests, including subjects and contest “rules of engagement” (ROE).  Each sponsored contest has an “As Of” date so that members can keep apprised of the latest info.

Field Trips contains both current and past articles on ASM field trips and visit / trip reports by ASM members.  

Newsletter contains ASM Newsletters in an Adobe pdf file format.  Each month’s Newsletter will be added to the collection on the website – most current on top.  The Home Page will also contain a link to the Newsletter page via a thumbnail pic of the latest edition of the newsletter. 

Entry Forms  has links to ASM’s Model Entry form and Work In Progress form.  Members can print out and complete the applicable forms prior to attending a contest. 

Meeting Location  contains information on locating where ASM meets each month – the University of New Mexico Conference Center.  Several maps and aerial photos are included on this page, as well as links to the Conference Center's home page.

Modeling Links contains links to modeling-related sites submitted by ASM members.

Hints and Tips contains modeling hints and tips  submitted by ASM members.

By Laws contains the By Laws governing operations of the ASM Club.  Again, a “must read” for all members.  The By Laws contains information on ASM’s policies and objectives, membership categories, Executive Board positions and responsibilities, the election process, conduct of meetings, guests at meetings, use of funds, dissolution of funds, and amendments to the By Laws. 

New and Prospective Member Information page provides an overview of the governing documents and major information sources (pages) that new and prospective members should become familiar with in order to enjoy all the modeling fun that occurs at ASM.  There is a "What is Scale Modeling" presentation that provides information on what scale modeling is, and includes pro's and con's of modeling in the various scale available.  Pictures are included that depict the differences in scale sizes using a similar aircraft type built in the same scheme across three different scales.

ASM Web Page Highlights

The purpose of the Web Page Highlights articles is to familiarize ASM members with the information available on the ASM website, and where it can be found.  Each article will cover a different web page and will have links to the subjects being discussed.  Previous Highlights will be maintained on the "Navigating the Website" web page (available from the Home Page) for access by ASM members and website visitors.  Eventually all the website’s pages will be addressed. 

 Highlight # 2  -  The ASM Home Page

 This edition of the Web Page Highlight covers the "Home Page.When you first sign-on to the ASM website's URL you will arrive at the "ASM Home page.The ASM Home page has top-level information and links to upcoming meetings, contests, and articles all highlighted here. 

 First off, there is a Red Banner at the top of the page that has the most up-to-date info on the upcoming meeting and contests.  So check here first.  If you hear an "alarm" sound when the page comes up, that means something critical has been posted, like the meeting has been canceled due to bad weather, or maybe moved to a different date due to a conflict at the meeting location. 

 The next item down the page is the index of the 18 different major web pages (sections).  Hot links to these major pages - the same index - are located at the top of each page, including the ASM Home page, to let you navigate wherever you’d like to go on our site.  

Below that are four pictures with links that depict events from ASM's major projects and activities with the Albuquerque community .  The purpose of these is to to interest new visitors in what the club does.  Those links take reader to articles on those activities.  

These ASM projects include conducting model displays, field trips, Make & Takes, and the yearly New Mexico State Fair Model Contest.

Next is a section with the Information on the club—who, what, when, where and contact information - along with a link to a web page that includes
 "info for new and prospective members" that includes a discussion on “what is scale modeling?”  Information on IPMS/USA is listed there, along with links to the IPMS/USA website and membership application forms. 

Proceeding down the Home Page, you will find Hot Link buttons to the most popular webpages, include the contest schedule, latest website update, newsletter, 
next ASM contest, and next sponsored contest.  There is also a thumbnail picture of the current newsletter, which will bring that pdf file up when clicked.
Next will be sections talking about the next meeting's contest and results of the last contest - best of show's and people's choice winners for each 
division.  Below that are short notices and links to recent ASM events, such as the State Fair, or a model display conducted by the club.  This is followed by
some links to webpages on Navigating the Website - suggest all read that - Historical Tidbits, New/Prospective Member Information, and What is Scale Modeling?  
The last section of the Home Page has links to the two local Model Clubs that are hosted on the ASM Website - the Albuquerque Model Car Club (AMCC)
and the New Mexico Armor Modeling and Preservation Society (NM AMPS),  Additionally there is link to the E-Bay web store that ASM uses to sell models
to gain funding for the club, and a listing of the IPMS/USA and IPMS/USA Region 10 awards won by ASM.  


Highlight # 1  -  Basic Website Organization

This first edition of the Web Page Highlight covers the "basic organization" of the website.  When you first sign-on to the ASM website's URL you will arrive at the "ASM Home page".  The ASM Home page has top-level information and links to upcoming meetings, contests, and articles all highlighted here.  There will be more detail on the Home Page next month.   

The ASM Website currently has 18 different major web pages (sections).  The picture below shows the major pages and links that are available at the top of each page on the ASM website to let you navigate wherever you'd like to go.  The ASM Home link is in the upper left corner.  .  Links to multiple sub-pages are available off the major pages.  There are currently about 158 total active webpages of information containing both current and archived information.  Pages for Model and Meeting pictures, Contest Results, Modeler and Model of the Year Winners, etc., all go back 8 to 12 years.  

Previous year's information is available by selecting links off the current year's page (e.g., you can select 2006 Model Pictures off the 2013 Model Pictures page, or any Model Pictures page after 2006 as well).  Note that the Hot Links at the top of previous year's pages, except the ASM Home page, will likely take you to pages associated with that same previous year.  Clicking on ASM Home page will always get you back to the current time and universe ("there's no place like home" as Dorothy used to say). 

Some sub-pages can only be reached off of a single or several major pages, such as the New Mexico State Fair Contest Results page, the ASM Reviews page, and the Fred's Foto File page.  More on those in another month's highlight article. 

 The ASM website usually gets about 7 to 10 updates per month.  There is a "Website Last Update on: XXX" notice with a date and a "Latest Website Updates" hot link button about one-third of the way down the ASM Home page.  See the red arrows in the picture below.  Clicking the button takes you to the Website Updates sub-page where all the updates are listed by the day they occurred (latest at top), along with a hot link straight to the updated item on whatever page it was posted to.  Web pages covering monthly events - Contest Results, Model and Meeting Pictures, Modeler of the Year Points Standings, and Model of the Year Contenders - will all be updated in the weeks following each ASM meeting.   

After the January meeting each year, new pages are created for all the major web pages that deal with a year of coverage - such as the Model and Meeting pictures, Contest Results, and the Modeler and Model of the Year Winners.  The major page hot links located at the top of those pages will all be redirected to the new pages.  Additionally, an archiving exercise will be done to remove dated articles and either post them on an appropriate major page or sub-page, or to post them onto the Archived Articles page for posterity.  A second Archived Articles page will probably be built in January 2014 due to the amount of information on the current Archived page. 

As always, please let the webmaster know if you see any errors or bad links, or if you have any suggestions to make the website better.  Contributions such as review articles and trip reports are always welcome for both the website and the ASM Newsletter.


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