ASM Contest Guidelines



Contest Guidelines

As Of: March 28, 2016

 Points of Interest

- These Contest Guidelines are a compilation of approximately fifteen years of ASM's evolution in the rules that govern our contests today, both written and unwritten.

- Suggestions and requests for alterations or additions to these Guidelines will be considered by the ASM E-board, and either included, brought before the membership, or tabled for future consideration. All decisions by the E-board will be made with the best interests of the club foremost.

- ASM uses IPMS/USA contest rules as a guideline, but is not governed by them.

- While ASM is a predominantly "plastic" oriented club, any medium may be used to construct the model and will be judged accordingly for that medium used.


Divisional Placement

- New members DO NOT have to enter ANY contests. They may display their models without competing if desired.

- New members that wish to participate in the contests are placed in a Divisional Level that is consistent with their level of proficiency in modeling and level of competition desired. ASM has four divisional levels, as explained below:

- Juniors (17 years and younger): For those young modelers that are at an early stage of exploring the fun in model building. Junior models will be judged on their individual merits, not against other models. Gold/Silver/Bronze ribbons will be awarded to entries at this level.

- Basic: For those adults that are still enjoying model building but are not interested in competing against other models. This can be used as a step leading towards levels that are more competitive. Basic models will be judged on their individual merits, not against other models. Gold/Silver/Bronze ribbons will be awarded to entries at this level.

- Intermediate: For those modelers that are now interested in competing against other models for placement, but feel their work may still be improving. This can be your introduction to the thrill of competition! First, Second and Third place ribbons awarded to winning entries at this level in each category.

- Masters: For those modelers that are taking their model building to the highest level of competition possible. This division can be used as a step towards competing at an IPMS Regional contest level and eventually towards the IPMS National contest level. First, Second and Third place ribbons awarded to winning entries at this level.

- A new member may choose to enter any division they desire, but should consider:

- Young modelers may wish to display their models with their own peers.

- A young modeler may request to advance to any of the other levels if they feel that they are capable, and the E-board will give their recommendation as to whether they should move or not.

- Adults may start out in Basic and advance at a later time.

- Adults may also choose to enter Intermediate or Masters, but…

- Once in the Intermediate or Masters levels, the modeler may not move back a level.

- Basic and Intermediate modelers may request to move up to the next level and the E-board will give their recommendation as to whether they feel the modeler should move or not.

- Juniors, Basic and Intermediate modelers that win Modeler of the Year (MOTY) any three (3) years will automatically be moved up to the next level.

- Juniors, Basic and Intermediate modelers that win MOTY any two (2) years will have their proficiency reviewed by the E-board and MAY be requested to move up to the next level.

- Juniors, Basic and Intermediate modelers that repeatedly win placings in their current level, whether they have won MOTY or not, may have their proficiency reviewed by the E-board and then MAY be requested to move up a level.



- In order to facilitate the observance of like models with one another, each level will have seven (7) basic categories that may be entered:

- Aircraft

- Armor

- Automotive

- Sci-Fi/ Real Space/Fantasy

- Ship

- Figure

- Vignette & Diorama

- Due to the size of our organization and the number of usual entries, not all types of models can be accommodated for. Therefore, separate categories have only been designated for subjects that are typically built and the building techniques that are unique to each discipline in our hobby.

- If there is sufficient participation in any one category, the judges may elect to split that category, (i.e., 1/72 scale aircraft and 1/48 scale aircraft).

- At the judge’s discretion, an additional category may be added that evening.


Contest Schedule

- The membership will have the opportunity to make contest suggestions for the upcoming year by writing-in their suggestions on the ballots during the November election of the E-Board. These suggestions will be tabulated and compiled to form the basis for the proposed contest schedule. This proposed schedule will be briefed to the membership as soon as possible, hopefully at the December meeting.

- The exiting E-board may suggest a preliminary contest schedule for the coming year, based upon the ballot suggestions, but the new E-board may elect to revise it, if they feel that it is in the best interests of the membership.

- If no schedule has been suggested, the new E-board will compose one, have it finalized, and present it to the membership by February's meeting.

- The January and February schedule topics have been established (become tradition) to allow members to settle into the New Year's modeling track.

- Each January we will host a Special (Non-Points) "Sci-Fi/Real Space/Fantasy" contest.

- Each February will be the annual no contest Swap Meet month.

- Each year may have up to two "No contest - Swap meet" months (normally February and July).

- Each year will have a balanced contest schedule that will:

- Accommodate as many of the different modeling disciplines as possible, (i.e., Aircraft, Armor, Auto, etc.).

- Take into consideration what the membership is actually building. (Sure, we all want to see 1/6th scale P-51s and Tiger tanks! But, do you want to devote a theme contest to them?)

- Review and consider past contest themes and the actual participation in them.

- Factor in a varying number of "Special Contests" in-between "Theme Contests" to provide a buffer for those modelers that wish to build-to-meet the scheduled "Theme Contests", while at the same time providing other modelers (that do not wish to compete for Modeler of the Year at all) a forum to build for.

- Make available room for a small selection of "Sponsored Contests" for those members that may wish to promote and observe an emphasis in a specific subject matter.

- MOST-OF-ALL, promote the desire to build models and join your fellow modelers in having fun!

- Recent years have come up with the following contest schedule "standard" that might be applied:

- Two Swap Meets (no contests); three Special Contests (Non-points); and seven Theme (Points) contests, of which at least two will be "Open Contests" (no specific theme).


Theme (Points) Contests

- All model entries/subjects are eligible to compete in every points contest whether the model is "in-theme" for that meeting or not.

- "Theme" contests have a specific subject matter (or multiple subjects) as the theme of that meeting’s contest. Only models that match that theme are eligible for the "Best of Show" awards in each divisional level for that night, and will subsequently become eligible for the "Model of the Year" competition showdown in December (see that section below).

- A maximum of three (3) models per member may be entered in each Theme contest. These may be in three different categories, all in the same category, or any other mix.

- Competition points towards "Modeler-of-the-Year" will be awarded at "Theme" contests ONLY.

- Models that have placed at an IPMS Nationals Contest are eligible to be subsequently entered at an ASM monthly contest during the rest of that calendar year, but not after that time..

- 25 points are awarded to each model entered at each meeting (maximum of three entries, per above)

- An additional 100 points are awarded for each First place/Gold award-winning model.

- An additional 75 points are awarded for each Second place/Silver award-winning model.

- An additional 50 points are awarded for each Third place/Bronze award-winning model.

- An additional 10 points will be awarded to models that are "In-theme" with the theme contest subject(s). Note: does not apply to Open contests.

- A "Best-of-Show" model in each division is chosen from those models that are in "Theme" for that meeting.

- An additional 150 points are awarded to each division's "Best-of-Show" winner.

- A "People’s Choice" model in each division is chosen via ballot from each ASM Club member at each Theme contest meeting. This voting will take place at the beginning of each meeting.

- An additional 50 points are awarded to each division's "Peoples-Choice" model winner.

- An additional 2 points can be earned each meeting (Contest or not) for displaying a "Works-in-progress" model. A maximum of 6 points (3 models in progress) can be earned each meeting.

- A model that has earned "Works-in-Progress" points may be considered for "Works-in-Progress" points again ONLY if it has had a serious amount of work performed on it (from assembly to painting to decaling, etc) since the last time it was displayed. Work performed will be annotated on the Work In Progress entry form, and points will be awarded after a review by the Contest Chairman.

- Once a model has placed in a Theme contest, it may not be re-entered in a future Theme contest again, unless it has been incorporated into a larger model project or diorama/vignette.

- A single model may be re-entered (and earn entry points) repeatedly if it has not placed in a previous Theme contest.

- A model that has been entered or placed in a previous "Special" contest may be entered in a "Theme" contest (i.e., a P-51 built for a "Best P-51" Special Contest (non-points) may also be entered in a Theme contest (points), if it has not already placed in a Theme contest (see above).

- Theme contests may be entered by non-club members on a "One-time" introductory basis ONLY. Afterwards, we request that you join ASM before entering further contests.

- The Masters division will be judged by a panel of three (when possible) qualified ASM members selected at that meeting by the Contest Chairman.

- The selection will be based upon those members:

- That are present at that meeting.

- That have displayed proficiency in the craft.

- That have demonstrated the ability to be objective and unbiased.

- That are not entered in the category that they will be judging. (If this is mistakenly overlooked, the individual Judge will be expected to declare the fact to the Contest Chairman before judging takes place in order to make alternate arrangements).

- The Intermediate, Basic, and Juniors divisions will be judged by the Contest Chairman and a selected member that has displayed the same characteristics noted above.

- Special "Non-member" guests, of significant standing in the plastic modeling community, may be asked to assist in the judging process.

- Judging criteria will "loosely" follow IPMS/USA National guidelines with an initial emphasis on "The Basics", followed by accuracy, and then presentation.

- How well a particular model represents that evening’s Theme will also be factored in heavily by the Judges when it is being considered for the Theme's Best-of-Show award.


Special (Non-points) Contests

- This is a specific contest that is NOT open to ALL entries. All entries must meet the Special contest's subject/theme. If an entered model does not meet the special subject/theme, the builder will be asked to bring it back to another meeting with a Theme contest, and to please include it on the "Display Only" table that night..

- No points are awarded at "Special" contests, except for "Works-in-Progress" points.

- A model that has placed/earned points in a previous "Theme" contest may be entered in a "Special" contest as many times as desired.

- A maximum of five (5) models may be entered by a member in a "Special" contest.

- Special contests may NOT be entered by non-club members.

- Judging will be conducted by a panel of 3 (when possible) qualified ASM members selected at that meeting by the Contest Chairman using the same criteria outlined above.

- Judging criteria will "loosely" follow IPMS/USA National guidelines with an initial emphasis on "The Basics", followed by accuracy, and then presentation.


Sponsored Contests

- These contests are devised, hosted and governed by individual club members.

- Sponsored Contests have no applicability to points awards or the MOTY completion.

- The idea/subject must be presented to, approved by, and scheduled into the year’s events by the ASM E-board.

- It is the responsibility of that member to make arrangements for whichever type of award(s) that he/she sees fit to present. Guidance by the Contest Chairman is available upon request.

- It is that individual member’s choice as to the rules, guidelines, and judging, but it is recommended that ASM's format be followed as a basis.

- It is at the discretion of the sponsor, which divisional level of modelers will be eligible for the contest (i.e., all divisions can enter within their own level to compete for individual division awards; all entries compete at one level for one single award; etc.).

- The sponsor will provide the membership with the rules and criteria of the sponsored contest as early as possible in the calendar year. If made available in a timely manner, this information will be published on the ASM Website and in the ASM Newsletter.

Modeler of the Year (MOTY)

- An award will be presented at December's club meeting to each division's modeler that has accumulated the most points throughout that contest year.

- The intent of this award is to:

- Promote the building of models.

- Promote participation in the clubs events and contests.

- Recognize those modelers displaying proficiency in the craft.

- Once a modeler has won the MOTY award two (2) years in a row, he/she will become ineligible for MOTY competition for one year. He/she may then compete for MOTY again the following year. (While in an ineligible status for MOTY, the modeler may continue to enter any and all competitions and receive any associated awards).


Model of the Year (MOY)

- Each model entry that has won a Best of Show award at a Theme Contest or a Best Overall award at a Special Contest during the contest year will be eligible to compete in a showdown at the December contest to determine an overall "Model of the Year" in each divisional level.

- Entries will compete against models at their own levels (Juniors, Basic, Intermediate and Masters).

- Models must be present at the meeting to compete in the head-to-head judging, although the builder need not be present if unable to attend.

- Awards will normally be presented at the January meeting.