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--  The Next ASM Meeting is on Friday, January 5th, 2018  --  Special (Non-Points) Contest: "Moe Blalters Sci-Fi, Real Space, Fantasy & Science"  --  Sponsored Contest: "Frickin' Laser Beams" hosted by Patrick Dick  --  December 2017  Newsletter is Posted! --  2018 Contest Schedule is Posted!  --


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  Merry Christmas - Happy Holidays
 From ASM 



On this day - December 7th - Remember Pearl Harbor

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The December 1st Meeting was the

*** ASM 2017 Model of the Year Showdown  ***

Best of Show Winners from all of the 2017 Theme and Special Contests

Click here to see all Contender Models from 2017


*** Click here for information on the Election Results for the 2018 E-Board  ***



IPMS/USA Chapter of the Year Winner for 2014



    Click here for article on winning the Chapter of the Year Award

IPMS/USA Region 10 Chapter of the Year Winner

2003, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013, and 2014

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IPMS /USA Region 10 Webmaster of the Year Winner

2011, 2012, 2013, and 2016

IPMS/USA Webmaster of the Year Winner

2011 and 2016


2017 Region 10 Convention and Model Contest

Was held on June 16-17, 2017

Marriott Pyramid Hotel

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Click on the logo above or here to go to the Chile Con 4 Website

Click here for Chile Con 4 Quadfold

   Chile Con 4 Theme

Star Wars 40th Anniversary


May the Fourth Be With You


Chile Con 4 Results
Click here for:
Preliminary Awards Slide Show
(High Resolution - 386 MB)

Preliminary Awards Slide Show
(Low Resolution - 25 MB)

CC4 Model Pictures Gallery 1
CC4 Model Pictures Gallery 2
CC4 Model  Pictures Gallery 3




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ASM 2017 Executive Board

Mike Blohm, President

Jerry Little, Vice President

Frank Randall, Secretary/Treasurer,
IPMS/USA Chapter Contact  

Victor Maestas, Contest Director

Jack Garriss, Protem Member

Josh Pals, Protem Member

Bob Henderson, Protem Member

Joe Walters, Newsletter Editor

Mike Blohm, Webmaster


Welcome to the Albuquerque Scale Modelers Club (ASM) Website

Interested in scale modeling?   If so, the Albuquerque Scale Modelers Club invites you to attend one of our monthly meetings.  Meeting events normally include a model contest, club business, modeling skills demonstrations, and sometimes a historical speaker.  ASM includes all types of models – aircraft, armor, ships, figures, cars, space exploration, science-fiction, anime – whatever your particular interest might be.  Membership is at four levels of modeling skills – Junior, Basic, Intermediate, and Masters.  ASM is a chapter of the International Plastic Modeler's Society/USA and is New Mexico's largest modeling club.  ASM was formed in the early 1970's. 

Our club meets monthly on the first Friday of each month at 7:30 PM, adjusted for holidays.  Our meeting location is the University of New Mexico Continuing Education Building/Conference Center at 1634 University Blvd NE in Albuquerque.  The business meeting begins at 7:30 PM.  Model contest entries closes at 8:00 PM, and judging begins at 8:00 PM

The next ASM meeting is on Friday, January 5th, 2018.  Please drop by and join us.  Feel free to contact any of the Board Members for additional information - see Executive Board listing at left.    Updates are made to this webpage following all club meetings and when new information is available.  The banner at the top of this page provides highlights of new information.

ASM membership dues are $25 per year for an Adult, $10 for Juniors (under 18), and $30 for a Family membership.

Click here for an ASM Membership Application Form.  This can be mailed or brought to an ASM meeting.

Click here for an ASM Information Handout / Flyer (pdf file) that includes the above information and ASM contacts. 

Click here to join us on our ASM Facebook Page

Click here to learn more about "What is Scale Modeling?"

Click here for New Member and Prospective Member Information.

Click here forinformation on Navigating the ASM Website.

Click here for information on the International Plastic Modeler's Society/USA (IPMS/USA).

IPMS/USA is the United States Branch of the International Plastic Modelers' Society, whose roots can be traced to the startup of the first IPMS National Branch during the 1960's in Great Britain. In 1964 a US-based modeler applied for a charter to start the US Branch. In the ensuing 4 decades, IPMS/USA has become a 5,000 member organization dedicated to promoting the modeling hobby while providing a venue for modelers to share their skills in a social setting, along with friendly but spirited competition in the form of local, regional, and national contests and conventions.  There are over 220 active US chapters. including groups in Canada and the Philippines as well as one "cyber-chapter" existing entirely on the internet.  Source:  IPMS/USA's "About IPMS/USA" web page.

Click here for additional IPMS/USA Links (Region 10, Region 10 Chapters, etc.) on the ASM Website's Articles webpage.

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Click here for an IPMS application form (pdf file).

This website is copywrited / the intellectual property of ASM.

Thanks for visiting our page and drop by again.  Happy modeling!

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Latest Website
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   Website Last Updated on:  December 6, 2017


Visit our pages below for highlights of past ASM Meetings, Contests, and Trips

Articles Page Model Pictures Meeting Pictures Contest Results Field Trips Reviews


Next ASM Meeting:

The January 5th, 2018 meeting is the

Annual Moe Blalters

"Sci-Fi, Real Space, Science and Fantasy"

Special (Non-Points) Contest

Sponsored Contest:

"Frickin' Laser Beams"

Hosted by Patrick Dick



The December 1st meeting was the


Special (Non-Points) Contest

and the

"ASM 2017 Model of the Year Showdown" Contest

Best of Show Winners from all of the Theme and Special Contests

Click here to view 2017 Model of the Year Contenders

No Sponsored Contest

** Modeling Clinic:  Dioramas - by John Dodd **

John Dodd's "Gaza 2014" Diorama Model at the 2017 New Mexico State Fair


The November 10th meeting was the


Theme (Points) Contest

Sponsored Contest:



Hosted by Brian Peck

Any scale or kit of a subject that is considered a "heavy bomber" for its era


The October 6th meeting was the

"Red Star"

Theme (Points) Contest

"Desert Storm" Presentation by Aviation Author Douglas Dildy

Sponsored Contest:


Hosted by Gil De La Plain


Results From the ASM-Sponsored

2017 New Mexico State Fair Model Contest

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Each year Albuquerque Scale Modelers sponsors the

Creative Arts - Division 13  /   Sections 471 – 474

Models – Military, Science Fiction & Others

Model entry dates were Friday Aug 25th and Saturday Aug 26th

Click here for the 2017 Model Contest Results

** Model pick-up from the Fair is on Monday, Sep 18th from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM **

Please bring your orange claim check tickets and pink entry sheet

Pictures from the 2017 Model Contest are posted below


Click here to see previous NM State Fair Contests (2005-2016)

Click here for info on the 2017 Model Contest


Winners From Recent ASM Contests:   


Best of Show Winners from November's "Supersonic" Special Contest and
2017 Model of the Year Showdown
Best of Show
Best of Show
Model of the Year
Model of the Year
Model of the Year
David Epstein Victor Maestas Logan Carbin David Epstein Chris Kurtze
North American
Bell  X-1 T-55A Xuan Class
F-5E Aggressor

Best of Show and People's Choice Winners from November's "Open" Theme Contest and "Heavies" Sponsored Contest
Hosted by Brian Peck
Best of Show
& People's Choice
Best of Show
People's Choice
Best of Show
& People's Choice
Best "Heavies" Subject
Charles Pitrilli David Epstein John Dodd Brian Peck Frank Randall
Skyline R34
Chinese Yuan Class Submarine Bismarck
Flying Fortress

Click here for November Contest Results


  Best of Show and People's Choice Winners from October's "Red Star" Theme Contest
and "Orange" Sponsored Contest
Best of Show
& People's Choice
Best of Show
& People's Choice

Best of Show
& People's Choice
Best Orange Subject
Best Orange Subject
Most Creative
Orange Subject
Logan Carbin Ethan Schwartzmann Chris Kurtze Chuck Hermann Josh Pals Robert Henderson
T-55A Su-100 F-5E Tijuana Taxi 2000 '32 Ford Pumpkin Panzer

Click here for October Contest Results

  Best of Show and People's Choice Winners
from September's "First or Last"
Theme Contest
Best of Show
& People's Choice
Best of Show
People's Choice
Best of Show
People's Choice
Logan Carbin David Epstein Scott Willaims David Straub John Tate
Ho 229 F-110A Voyager I USS Patoka "Rommel's Lifeline"

Click here for September Contest Results

Click here for September Model Pictures



New / Prospective ASM Member Information

Click on links above and below for information on ASM and IPMS-USA
that new or prosepective members need to know!

What is "Scale Modeling"?


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Historical Tidbits

Click here or link above to see Historical Events commemorated this month.

Click here for an article on

Captain Danny Roberts

New Nexico's World War II Fighter Ace


Links to Associate Model Clubs in the Albuquerque area
hosted on the ASM Website:

Albuquerque Model Car Club



New Mexico Armor Modeling
and Preservation Society


ASM Items on E-Bay

ASM has items up for bidding on eBay through the Our Lil Enterprise eBay business here in Albuquerque.  ASM items are from club member donations, and all proceeds go the the club treasury.  Please bring any donations (kits, books, etc.) in to ASM meetings.  A big thanks to John Tate for leading this effort, which will help out with the financing of future Chile Cons and continuing ASM operations.   Please check out these items at the following link and bid on those that fit your fancy:



Winner of the Best Chapter / Group Entry Award

at the IPMS/USA 2010 National Convention
"Char B1 bis - Battle of France 1940"
ASM100.jpg (82854 bytes)
Left Side
Left Panel Center Panel Right Panel Tank Histories Right Side
by Jim Guld
Vendee II
by Mike Blohm
by Victor Maestas
by Patrick Dick
by Tom Perea
by Danny Williamson
Jean Bart
by Don Smith
by Josh Pals
Nivernais II
by Tony Humphries
by Jim Guld
by Jim Guld
Eastern Front
by Danny Williamson
Channel Islands
by Patrick Dick


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