Membership Information

Interested in becoming an ASM member? It’s easy and affordable!

Membership dues are:

  • $35/year for an Adult
  • (TBD) for a Junior (under 18)
  • (TBD) for a Family

Fill out the form below to get started as a new member. Payment must be in-person during a club meeting (cash or check only at this time).

If you’re a new member, be sure to check out the following information.

The Bylaws govern the operation of the club, and contain information on ASM’s policies and objectives, membership categories, Executive Board positions and responsibilities, the election process, conduct of meetings, guests at meetings, use of funds, dissolution of funds, and making amendments to the Bylaws.

The Club Schedule is the master calendar for all ASM events throughout the year. Although we meet monthly, our members often partake in other community-based activities to showcase our club and models.

The Contest Guidelines provide insight into how contests are organized and judged. This includes info on the Modeler of the Year and Model of the Year competitions, how points are awarded, how the yearly contest schedule is put together, how many models can be entered in contests, the difference between Theme (Points) contests and Special (Non-Points) contests, etc.

The Contest Schedule is a great roadmap for planning your next build and understanding how each contest is organized and judged. Contests are either Theme (points) or Special (non-points).

The Newsletter is published each month and contains a mix of helpful information for our members, such as club news,  kit reviews, book reviews, contest results and pictures, points standings, and a mini-version of the contest schedule.

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