2022 New Mexico State Fair – Model Contest and Results

Creative Arts – Division 13
Models – Military and Science Fiction
Sections 471-474 Sponsored by Albuquerque Scale Modelers


Section 471: Youth (ages 11 and under)
Section 472: Senior Youth (ages 12-17)
Section 473: Adult (ages 18 and over)
Section 474: Professional (More than 5 years experience)

NOTE: ASM members in the Masters and Intermediate Divisions are required to enter models in Section 474: Professional.


  1. Aircraft, Jet – Large scale (1/48 scale & larger)
  2. Aircraft, Jet – Small scale (1/72 scale & smaller)
  3. Aircraft, Non-Jet – Large scale (1/48 scale & larger)
  4. Aircraft, Non-Jet – Small scale (1/72 scale & smaller)
  5. Diorama – miniature scene, wholly or partially three-dimensional, depicting model in a naturalistic and realistic setting
  6. Flying Models, including flying rockets
  7. Helicopters – Jet & Non-Jet – All scales
  8. Military Vehicles – Fully Tracked –Large scale (1/35 scale & larger)
  9. Military Vehicles – Fully Tracked – Small scale (1/48 scale & smaller)
  10. Military Vehicles & Equipment-Non Tracked & Half Tracks-Small scale (1/48 & smaller)
  11. Military Vehicles & Equipment Non Tracked & Half Tracks-Large Scale (1/35 & Larger)
  12. Miniature Figure – single-footed or mounted figure
  13. Miniature Figure Vignette – maximum of 3 related human, animal or equipment figures, no vehicles
  14. Miscellaneous (none of the above)
  15. Powered Ships
  16. Sailing Ships & Oared Ships
  17. Science Fiction/Fantasy Figures – Including Anime, Gundams, Robotech
  18. Science Fiction, Spacecraft, etc.  – excluding figures

NOTE: Only one entry per class.

Contest Summary

The 2022 State Fair Contest had a great showing with 65 total models entered in the contest by 33 entrants.  This is our 5th highest number of entries since I began tracking that in 2005.  Thanks to all who participated in the contest and in the ASM display, helped with the model entries and pick-up, and did the judging. A big thank you to Frank Randall, Bob Henderson, Jim Medina, and Matt and Mike Blohm for assisting with the model entry registration and the judging.

The Youth section had 1 entry by 1 entrant.  The Best of Show – Youth entry was the Spitfire by Katie Darnell.  The Senior Youth section had a large number of entries—8 total models by 5 entrants in 5 different classes—which was great to see.  The Best of Show – Senior Youth entry was a very nicely-done Owl Bear by Abram Mahlman.  There were some very nicely painted Warhammer figures entered in this section. 

The Adult section had 34 models by 23 entrants in 15 different sections that were very competitive.  The Dioramas section had 5 nicely-done entries.  The Best of Show – Adult entry was the superb IJN Akagi aircraft carrier built by Byron Gore.  The Professional (ASM members and others) section had 22 models by 7 entrants.  The Best of Show – Professional entry was a great Stryker Engineering Support Vehicle (ESV) built by Victor Maestas.  A total of 9 ASM members entered models in the 2022 contest. There were some great models in contention in both of these sections.

We plan to add at least three new classes for the 2023 State Fair contest. These include paper models, wood models built from pre-cut model kits, and 3D metal models from pre-cut kits.

ASM conducted the “Battles of the Pacific – 1942” (80th Anniversary) display which included 31 models.  Additional info and pictures are provided below.  

Section 471: Youth

Best of Show
Katie Darnell


ClassDescriptionNamePlaceBest of Show
3 - Aircraft, Non-Jet - LargeSpitfireKatie Darnell1Yes

Section 472: Senior Youth

Best of Show
Abram Mahlman
Owl Bear


ClassDescriptionNamePlaceBest of Show
5 - DioramaHogwartsBridget Clay1
12 - Miniature Figure - Single footed or mounted figureOrc WarhammerAbram Mahlman1
12 - Miniature Figure - Single footed or mounted figureNerf OrcOsiah Mahlman2
12 - Miniature Figure - Single footed or mounted figurePack BearJaddua Mahlman3
14 - MiscellaneousOwl BearAbram Mahlman1Yes
15 - Powered ShipsUSS MissouriCole Darnell1
17 - Science Fiction/Fantasy FiguresSpace MarineOsian Mahlman1
17 - Science Fiction/Fantasy FiguresAdderAbram Mahlman2

Section 473: Adult

Best of Show
Byron Gore
IJN Akagi


ClassDescriptionNamePlaceBest of Show
1 - Aircraft, Jet - Large ScaleMe 262Kris Herrera1
1 - Aircraft, Jet - Large ScaleF9 CougarMark Vaughn2
1 - Aircraft, Jet - Large ScaleF-16 AVGarry Sinning3
2 - Aircraft, Jet - Small ScaleSu-35Kris Herrera1
3 - Aircraft, Non-Jet - LargeNew Mexico ANG P-51DGlenn Clayburn1
3 - Aircraft, Non-Jet - LargeVisible P-51Mark Vaughn2
4 - Aircraft, Non-Jet - SmallF4F WildcatKris Herrera1
4 - Aircraft, Non-Jet - SmallAirshipRobin Shepherd2
5 - DioramaSturmmorserByron Gore1
5 - DioramaPanzer 4David Deyoung2
5 - DioramaUFO LandingBrad Smith3
5 - DioramaHollywood TowerHaley Gibson
5 - DioramaSpeedy Andrew's Repair ShopKimberly Atkinson
6 - Flying ModelsCosmic InterceptorJohn Romero1
6 - Flying ModelsProtostarMark Chino2
6 - Flying ModelsRed Max RocketJohn Walter3
8 - Military Vehicles - Fully TrackedTiger IByron Gore1
8 - Military Vehicles - Fully TrackedM4 105mm HowitzerDavid Deyoung2
8 - Military Vehicles - Fully TrackedM7 PriestMark Vaughn3
10 - Military Vehicles & Equipment - Non tracked & Halftracks - SmallStaghound Mk IByron Gore1
11 - Military Vehicles & Equipment - Non tracked & Halftracks - LargeM20 Command CarJeffrey West1
12 - Miniature Figure - Single footed or mounted figureOrc Mark Learn1
12 - Miniature Figure - Single footed or mounted figureSub CommanderByron Gore2
12 - Miniature Figure - Single footed or mounted figureNapoleonic General MuratGerard Coffey3
14 - MiscellaneousGramaphoneRobin Shepherd1
14 - MiscellaneousCaroselHaley Gibson2
14 - MiscellaneousRadio/TV TowerMatthew Bryant3
15 - Powered ShipsIJN AkagiByron Gore1Yes
16 - Sailing Ships & OaredClipperRichard Carson1
16 - Sailing Ships & OaredPirate ShipRuby Red2
17 - Science Fiction/Fantasy FiguresButterflyHaley Gibson1
17 - Science Fiction/Fantasy FiguresMetal GaruurmanJd Atkinson2
18 - Science Fiction, Spacecraft2001 Orion ClipperMark Chino1
18 - Science Fiction, SpacecraftX and Y-Wing FightersSelena Chino2

Section 474: Professional

Best of Show
Victor Maestas
Stryker ESV


ClassDescriptionNamePlaceBest of Show
2 - Aircraft, Jet - Large SmallAV-8B HarrierFrank Randall1
2 - Aircraft, Jet - Large SmallB-52G "The Devil's Own"Matt Blohm2
3 - Aircraft, Non-Jet - LargeSea Fury RacerVictor Maestas1
4 - Aircraft, Non-Jet - SmallP-38MFrank Randall1
4 - Aircraft, Non-Jet - SmallLa-11 North Korean Air ForceMike Blohm2
5 - DioramaEntrenchedJim Medina1
5 - DioramaChevrolet LRPVFrank Randall2
5 - DioramaGundam RX-79GMatt Blohm3
5 - DioramaUS Light InfantryChuck Herrmann
5 - DioramaGeronimo's Surrender TrainSteve Miller
7 - HelicoptersH-19 ChickasawFrank Randall1
10 - Military Vehicles & Equipment - Non & Half Tracked - SmallBTR-70Frank Randall1
11 - Military Vehicles & Equipment - Non & Half Tracked - LargeStryker ESVVictor Maestas1Yes
11 - Military Vehicles & Equipment - Non & Half Tracked - LargeGerman Ammo TrailerChuck Herrmann2
13 - Miniature Figure VignetteRancor PitJim Medina1
14 - MiscellaneousHere Comes TrebleJim Medina1
14 - MiscellaneousGemini CapsuleFrank Randall2
17 - Science Fiction/Fantasy FiguresSuper Saiyan 4 Son GokuMatt Blohm1
17 - Science Fiction/Fantasy FiguresMandoJim Medina2
17 - Science Fiction/Fantasy FiguresTurbojet BatmanChuck Herrmann3
18 - Science Fiction, SpacecraftTIE BomberJim Medina1
18 - Science Fiction, SpacecraftMercury Atlas - John GlennMike Blohm2

ASM’s “Battles in the Pacific – 1942 (80th Anniversary)” Display

ASM’s “Battles of the Pacific – 1942” (80th Anniversary) display filled one case with 30 total models ranging from ships in 1/700 scale and aircraft, armor, and beach assault craft in 1/72 scale to 1/48 scale.  Each model had a card describing what it was plus its involvement in 1942.  Information provided included a 1942 Timeline Chart, area/theater maps, and charts showing the sequence of the Battles of the Coral Sea (May 1942) and Midway (June 1942).  Several postcards of early war “morale posters” were also included. The top shelf included 12 models in 1/72 scale that included most of the American and Japanese aircraft involved in the battles of 1942. We were able to take advantage of Byron Gore’s large IJN Akagi aircraft carrier entry as a center-piece on the bottom shelf of our display.  It would certainly attract any fair-goer’s attention!  It participated in the Pearl Harbor attack and was subsequently one of the four Japanese carriers lost during the Battle of Midway in June 1942.  Midway was a crucial strategic defeat for Japan and contributed significantly to the allies’ ultimate victory in the Pacific. 

Another eye-catching component of the display was several models related to the “Doolittle Raiders.” These included a 1/700 scale “USS Hornet” (CV-8) aircraft carrier built by Mike Blohm that was completed just in time for the display, and a 1/48 scale B-25B Mitchell medium bomber built by Frank Randall. Information and pictures were supplied about the Raid, the Hornet, and the B-25. The Doolittle Raid on Tokyo and several other sites in Japan took place on April 18, 1942 by 16 B 25s launched from the USS Hornet. The Hornet model depicts Lieutenant Colonel Jimmy Doolittle’s B 25B becoming airborne and all the other B-25s clustered at the stern end of the carrier deck awaiting their turn for takeoff. The B 25B model depicts the “Ruptured Duck” flown by 1Lt Ted Lawson and Raider Crew #7. Lawson would later write the famous book “Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo.” Although the raid caused comparatively minor damage, it demonstrated that the Japanese mainland was vulnerable to American air attacks and provided an important boost to American morale.  Thanks to the ASM members who provided models for the display: Bob Henderson, Victor Maestas, and Matt and Mike Blohm (and models by two of my brothers).