President’s Corner

First off, congratulations to the three ASM members who attended the 2022 IPMS Nationals in Omaha and brought home trophies- Brian Peck, Dave Straub and Frank Randall.  Many more of us wish we could have attended but these three gentlemen well-represented the club.

The August 5th meeting is a swap meet but will also involve club business- the election of a new vice president to replace Dave Epstein, who is stepping down.  An email circular on this topic was sent out previously but those members who qualify per the By-Laws and can manage the responsibilities of the position are encouraged to stand as candidates.

A reminder about COVID- we all thought that years-long misery was behind us but it ain’t so, it is still spreading and making miserable the lives of many.  Several counties, including Bernalillo County, have high COVID numbers and reading Facebook comments from the Nationals it appears many were infected there as well.  So be mindful of your health and if you’re feeling unwell skip our meeting until you are ready to return.  Masks are not required by UNM at the present time and are therefore not required at our meetings but if you feel more comfortable wearing one, by all means do so.

A reminder also to check out our new website, which I like more and more every time I visit, and sincere thanks again to Casey Rupley for the hard work involved in constructing it. 

Thanks to all for great turnout at recent contests and keep building, specifically that new Tamiya 1/48 P-38J which is available at Hobby Proz and come to think of it, will make a great review article for a future newsletter…