Bob Henderson

ASM Member Since:2015
Day Job:Sitting around the house and annoying my wife
Online Profiles:(none)
Modeler of the Year Winner:Yes
Model of the Year Winner:No

E-Board (current/past):

Pro-Tem (current)


How/when did you get started?
My first models were made when I was about 10 or 11. Mostly small scale WWI aircraft.

What do you like to build?
I try to concentrate on aircraft, armor, cars and trucks, sci fi, ships, or dioramas.

How many models have you built?
God only knows, it’s been a bunch over the years. Since I joined ASM, probably 50.


What are your favorite tools?
 Air brush, trash can, and my Proxxon Micromot moto tool.

What are your favorite paints?
AK interactive or Tamiya. I like Tamiya but the color selection is limited.

What is your airbrush of choice?
I use my Paasche H for large surfaces and a Badger Renegade Krome for details.

Stash Management

What’s your favorite build?
Probably a Airco DH2.

What’s your dream build?
I’d like to build a large scale ship, but I don’t have the space to display one.

How large is your pile of shame (unbuilt kits)?
I really don’t have much of a stash, probably only about 5 or 6 I usually buy a kit and build it before I move on to another one.

How many models do you build a year on average?
Maybe 8 or 9

Do you have a build horror story, accident, or mistake that haunts you?
I had just about finished a Lancaster Dam Buster when I broke the canopy. I’m still trying to find one. The other time I knocked over a bottle of Tamiya extra thin cement on a sheet of decals. We won’t dwell on the time I super glued my hand to my work bench.


What’s your biggest accomplishment in modeling?
I think it’s probably refraining from throwing crappy builds in the trash.