David Tingley

ASM Member Since:2019
Day Job:Talking travel and selling luggage
Online Profiles:(none)
Modeler of the Year Winner:No
Model of the Year Winner:Yes
E-Board (current/past):No


How/when did you get started?
I got into modeling from my older brothers, circa 1982. Took a long break in my teens thru thirties, then got back into building about 15 years ago.

What do you like to build?
I build almost entirely German and Japanese WWII.

How many models have you built?
I average 6-8 models a year.

How often do you work on models?
I try to get some work done on kits 3-4 nights a week.

Who are your favorite modeling influencers on YouTube?
I like to watch some of the Nightshift videos on YouTube.


What are your favorite tools?
Best modeling tool that I have is my aircraft jig- I got it from Amazon and it was made in Ukraine.

What are your favorite paints?
I use mostly Tamiya, but have really been liking the AK lacquer paints recently.

What is your airbrush of choice?
I mostly use a Badger Krome Renegade. I also have an Iwata Eclipse.

Where do you build?
I have a dedicated modeling room/office. Mostly gets used for modeling!

Stash Management

What’s your favorite build?
Favorite build was a Trumpeter 1/24th 109 K-4. I had a good color profile and did a fair bit of correcting the kit kit with small details. Super fun paint scheme.

What’s your dream build?
I’ve built most of my favorite airplanes, I have a 48th He 177 that is a bit intimidating that I have not yet started. Very complex paint scheme and very, very detailed interior with about 4,927 parts…

How large is your pile of shame (unbuilt kits)?
Unbuilt kits 47, not counting figures.

Do you have a build horror story, accident, or mistake that haunts you?
Horror stories all involve fingerprints……


Do you compete outside of ASM contests?
I took best 48th prop at a regional show in Cincinnati for a 109G-6 that was fully riveted. Pretty proud of that one as my kit was the favorite amount about 15 competitors in a very well stacked field.

Have you been published in a trade magazine (picture or article)?

What’s your biggest accomplishment in modeling?
Biggest accomplishment in modeling, I guess having fun while doing it?