April 2023 – Meeting Recap

Club Business

The State Fair is approximately 5 months away. Volunteers are needed to help lead and participate. Like all ASM community engagements, it’s member-driven and requires volunteers to stay afloat. Please contact a member of the E-Board if you’re able to help.

IPMS/USA Region 10 awards for 2022 were announced. Congratulations to Casey Rupley for winning Webmaster of the Year! He is now eligible for the National award.

The contest schedule has been updated. Additions were made to July, September, and October. See the Contest Schedule for more information.

The first newsletter in the new format was sent on Thursday, April 6. If you did not receive it, please send an email to abqscalemodelers@gmail.com so we can verify your email address and/or add you to the list.

Next club meeting is May 5. Points Contest #2 – “Wildlife.”

Presentation by Don Gatewood

ASM member and World War I enthusiast, Don Gatewood, gave a presentation on the Joys of Building and Researching World War I Airplanes. He even found an interesting connection to ASM member Dave Tingley’s Great Uncle, who flew in the war.

The video is available to the right and is also posted on the ASM YouTube Channel.

Sponsored Contest - "World War I"

Best of Show – Masters

John Tate
German Stormtrooper

Best of Show – Masters

John Tate
Mark IV Tank on the Run

Best of Show – Masters
Split: Small Airplane
Frank Randall
Fokker D1

Best of Show – Masters
Split: Large Airplane, Allied

Jim Coatney

Best of Show – Masters
Split: Large Airplane, Central Powers

Brian Peck
Roland D6

Best of Show – Intermediate
James Barrett
Lewis Gunner