President’s Corner

We have a modeling clinic scheduled for our June 2nd meeting, with several ASM members displaying their modeling techniques for the benefit of other members.  Clinics have been requested by members to get exposure to new modeling ideas and methods and usually there is something for everyone to see and learn.  In addition to the clinic, display models and works-in-progress models will be welcome.

Along with the clinic I’ll be hauling in a box of donated kits and other assorted items related to scale modeling to generate some income for the club.  I will let members decide under the honor system what some of these items are worth, so if you see something you like, pay what you want with proceeds going to the club.

Harvey Chace, COL, USAF (Ret.), has agreed to provide us with a presentation at our September 8th meeting, entitled “The B-26, They Built It Anyway.”  Mr. Chace’s talks have been entertaining and highly informative so this one should be no exception.  To complement his presentation, it would be nice to see some B-26 Marauder models on the contest tables that night.

Remember, the July 7th meeting is an Open Contest, with a sponsored contest hosted by Brian Peck:  The Cold War 1975-1990.  There is no shortage of modeling subjects associated with that era so let’s put in a good showing on the contest tables.  As it turns out, along with many other folks of a certain age, I received a theme award for that particular event, courtesy of Uncle Sam.

Hope to see everyone at Friday’s meeting.

John Tate
ASM President