Casey Rupley

ASM Member Since: 2017
Division: Masters
Day Job: IT Solutions Architect, Systems Engineer
Online Profiles: Scalemates
Modeler of the Year Winner: No
Model of the Year Winner: Yes
E-Board (current/past): Media Manager (current)


How/when did you get started?
I originally started modeling and got into aviation as kid because of my brother. He would build a plane and attach it to the ceiling fan with fishing line. We would watch it “fly” until it broke free and smashed into the wall. Like most (I think), I didn’t continue the hobby into my teenage years or early adulthood, and only started back about 5 years ago after being inspired by fantastic YouTube builders.

What do you like to build?
Primarily modern aviation (jets and helicopters) in 1/48 scale, but I’ll occasionally venture out to other things.

How many models have you built?
Not nearly enough. I’m slow. Probably around 15 since I restarted the hobby.

How often do you work on models?
Also, not nearly enough. On average, it’s a few hours per week. 

Who are your favorite modeling influencers on YouTube?
Primedmodelworks, Scale Hangar 182, TOMs Modelling in Motion, Scale-a-ton, Scale Modelling Madness, Takeoff Scale Models, and PLASMO. I follow many others, but those are the big ones for me. 


What are your favorite tools?
Infini Easycutting mats. They make cutting perfectly sized tape/masks so simple. Also, glue loopers since I use a lot of CA for filling gaps and attaching PE.

What are your favorite paints?
Hybrid acrylics. I started with Tamiya but really love AK Real Colors, especially since they make all the Federal Standard (FS) colors needed for the planes I build. I hate mixing custom paint.

What is your airbrush of choice?
Iwata HP-CS is my workhorse. The others aren’t worth mentioning. 

Where do you build?
Mostly in my head, but I do have a dedicated room for modeling. Benches, stash, and display case all in one spot.

Stash Management

What’s your favorite build?
The one I just finished, because I’m tired of looking at it and can love it more when it’s sitting on a shelf! Kidding aside, probably the Tamiya F-14A because it got me back into the hobby. I learn something with every new build, so they’re all my favorite in some way.

What’s your dream build?
A 1/350 scale aircraft carrier detailed to the max, including lights, PE, crew, and accurate air wing on the deck.

How large is your pile of shame (unbuilt kits)?

Do you have a build horror story, accident, or mistake that haunts you?
I’m yet to throw one against the wall, but have come close a few times. I don’t think I’ve made any mistakes that couldn’t be corrected after plenty of time away and whiskey. I do regret using Future for heavy gloss coats because it ends up cracking and is very hard to fix – the bottom of my F-117 painted in a flag scheme is the point of that story.


Do you compete outside of ASM contests?
I mostly compete against the vision I have in my head and my own perfectionist tendencies and expectations. I’ve been to Nationals once, but didn’t win anything (yet!). 

Have you been published in a trade magazine (picture or article)?

What’s your biggest accomplishment in modeling?
Finishing the USS Rueben James. There was so much PE. Including the breaks I had to take to maintain sanity, it took over 2 years.