James Barrett

ASM Member Since:2020
Day Job:Software nerd
Online Profiles:Scalemates, Instagram
Modeler of the Year Winner:No
Model of the Year Winner:No
E-Board (current/past):No


How/when did you get started?
I don’t remember, I think I saw my brother doing it and wanted to try.

What do you like to build?

How many years have you been modeling?
Got back into it a few years ago after a long (10+ year ) hiatus.

How many models have you built?
40-50 or there abouts.


What are your favorite tools?
Nerd glasses/sexy goggles (magnifiers).

What are your favorite paints?
Mostly work with AK acrylics, and Tamiya.

What is your airbrush of choice?
Iwata Eclipse – the workhorse.

Stash Management

What’s your favorite build?
The next one!

What haven’t you built yet that you want to?

How large is your pile of shame (unbuilt kits)?
Gunpla – 20
Figures – 15
Aircraft – 5
Armor – 2
Ships – 2
Sci-Fi – 6

Do you have a build horror story, accident, or mistake that haunts you?
Dropped a gunpla head down the drain, it was not in the trap… made finishing that one a bit difficult.