December 2023 – Meeting Recap

Club Business

Attendance was approximately 28 people.

Joe Lavender provided a presentation on how he scratch builds model ships. Watch the YouTube video if you missed it!

The 2024 Contest Schedule is still being developed, but will be finalized and published soon.

The Model of the Year contest was conducted. See below for results.

Modeler of Year – those with the most points in each of the four skills levels – was announced. Winners are:

  • Scott Jaworski – Masters
  • James Barrett – Intermediate
  • Aleya Montano – Basic
  • AJ Tate – Junior

See the full the Point Standings for a complete breakdown of the 2023 point standings.

The 2023 Air Force Ball contained 108 models, a record high. It took 40 tubs and boxes in three cars to transport all the models. Thanks to all those that provided models and assisted with the display.

2023 Models of the Year

Scott Jaworski
Hitachi Loader

James Barrett
MS-07B-3 Gouf

Aleya Montano
Tauntaun Riders

AJ Tate