January 2024 – Meeting Recap

Club Business

Attendance was approximately 36.

The rate for the meeting room at the UNM Continuing Education Center increased slightly, but enough to warrant a membership vote. The vote passed uninamously.

Michael Howell provided an update on the Cavalcade of Wings display at the Sunport. Fortunately, rather than have to pack up and temporarily store the models while the new display is being built, CoW will be able to move the models directly into the new displays, which is expected late this summer or early fall. Anyone that has volunteered to build a model for the display is encouraged to prioritize them since the timeline has moved up from the last update.

No regional contests are scheduled for our region (IPMS Region 10). The last official regional as our Chile Con in 2017. This is a bit unusual compared to other regions but believed to be because of the large geographic area and dispersed cities/population.

Contest schedule is nearly complete and has been updated on the website. Nothing will change for February or March, but other items may change. Check back in a few weeks for a final schedule.

Hotel registration for this years IPMS National convention in Madison, WI, opens today (1/6/24). Book now before they sell out.

Joe Lavender gave a fascinating presentation on the evolution of the Kriegsmarine in WWII.

Award plaques for Model of the Year and Modeler of the Year were presented.

Two contests were held: a Special Contest for “Real Space/Science/Sci-Fi/Fantasy” and a Sponsored Contest from Patrick Dick for “Terminated.”

Special Contest "Real Space/Science/Sci-Fi/Fantasy" - Winners

James Barrett
Skull Servitor

Michael O’Brien
Super Saiyan Goku

AJ Tate
Shin Bruning Gundam

Sponsored Contest "Terminated" - Winners

James Barrett
Skull Servitor

Mike Blohm
Burning Gundam